New, But Familiar, Faces on 'Grey's Anatomy'
New, But Familiar, Faces on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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With new episodes about to begin, Grey's Anatomy fans are definitely primed for new drama at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Drama will come -- most definitely -- but there will new faces on the show as well. Two new, but probably familiar, actors have upcoming appearances announced.

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For the Feb. 23 episode, fans of the recently departed Lost will get a treat when L. Scott Caldwell guest stars. The actress played the character of Rose on Lost, a woman stricken with cancer and then miraculously healed after the plane crash. Although never officially a main cast member, Caldwell's Rose appeared in multiple episodes throughout Lost's six-year run.

On Grey's Anatomy, Caldwell's role will be that of an Alzheimer patient's wife. The husband will be part of an Alzheimer's medical trial run by Derek, so we can expect Caldwell to mostly interact with yet another Dr. Shepherd.

The second of the familiar but new faces is Adam Busch, who will arrive at some point in the upcoming episodes to play a first-year surgical resident. We can hope that Busch will play a tough resident, since he will be shadowing Cristina during his time at the hospital. There is no word yet as to whether this part will be a one-episode guest starring role or a recurring role the rest of the season.

Busch played the important recurring character of Warren during seasons five through seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Initially a nasty but harmless techno-geek, Warren eventually led a trio of evil geeks and shot Tara before being killed in retaliation.

Hopefully, he will be less harmful on Grey's Anatomy. They don't need any more shootings there.

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