Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.5 "There's No 'I' in Team" Recap (Page 3/3)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.5 "There's No 'I' in Team" Recap (Page 3/3)
Because this is Grey's Anatomy, every kidney donor and recipient has some drama going on. One random woman who seems to be donating out of the goodness of her heart actually volunteered because she'll be giving her kidney to a man she's having an affair with. This means the man's wife wants to back out of the Domino Surgery. Dr. Bailey uses her considerable skills of coercion and manipulation to get her to change her mind.

The Domino Surgery is on, and with some hard work and plenty of cutting, six kidneys are removed from one person and each put into another. Well, five kidneys are successfully transferred, but Meredith accidentally drops the fresh kidney on the ground before it finds its recipient. Dr. Bailey, who never says die, yells out "Five second rule!"

I really hope she gets banned from the practice of medicine and Seattle Grace is permanently shut down, because putting a kidney that fell on the floor into a human being seems like one of those serious medical malpractice issues. None of this happens, and they pick it up, clean it off, and put it in anyway.

In the aftermath, the mistress who donated her kidney to save the married man she was sleeping with is angry because he doesn't try to contact her after the surgery. Meanwhile, the man who bought his son's kidney crashes, and his son doesn't really care. Bailey takes him into a room where the rest of the 12 are celebrating together. This magically changes his mind, and he goes to see his dying dad.

That night, Izzie confronts Alex and says "I care about you" about 47 times to him unti he finally decides to shut her up by kissing her. At the bar, Derek rushes in after a stern reprimand by Bailey and gives Meredith a kidney as an apology for saying she didn't deserve credit for their clinical trial.

Cristina jumps off the "Have sex with an intern" bandwagon because she doesn't want a boy, she wants a man. God must be listening (and by God I mean Shonda Rhimes), because Major McHottie Owen Hunt from the season premiere is in the bar, but he cuts himself off because he starts work the next day. Gee, I wonder where he'll be working.

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