Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.3 "Here Comes the Flood" Recap (Part 4/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.3 "Here Comes the Flood" Recap (Part 4/4)
Cristina doesn't believe that Headache Guy's pain is really at an 8, but he tells her a sob story about how, when his wife died last year, he couldn't feel the pain of grief because his head pain was so bad. Cristina immediately goes to Dr. Wyatt and demands that she tell Meredith not to give up on therapy. She says that Meredith has been living with pain at an 8 and Derek doesn't get that. She shouldn't kick her roommates out because she needs them, and the fact that Derek wants her to just shows how much he doesn't get her. Dr. Wyatt deduces that the thought of losing Meredith to Derek is really scaring Cristina. Of course, Cristina doesn't like this and storms out.

Cancer Girl pages Meredith because she wants to hear the end of the Meredith-roommates-Derek saga. She tries to be cheery, but Meredith's somber face makes cancer girl break down in tears.

In the elevator, Meredith corners Dr. Wyatt and asks her about how she's supposed to be happy in a horrible place. Wyatt says that trying to be happy is not the point. The point is to not wanting to die at the horribleness of the world.

At Joe's bar, Callie tells Hahn that she works through her feelings by talking about them with friends, and Mark is her friend. Hahn just realizes that she's mad at Mark for having seen Callie naked, and agrees to let Callie talk to her friends about them.

Meredith goes home to find Izzie sad over a drink. Izzie is sad that she doesn't have anyone. Meredith goes inside and tells Derek that her roommates are her family and he can't come in and just kick them out, and he can't try to get Cristina on his side. I'm with Meredith on this one. That was a really presumptuous thing for him to do. He agrees to her wishes. He wants to talk about living just the two of them when she's ready, but for now, I guess they'll all be one big happy family.

Richard decides to proctor George's exam for him. He acts like it's a big deal that he's staying late to be the proctor, that he's doing such a great thing allowing George to take the test today. Um, how about George? He also had a long day of being the chief's lapdog, and it's already so late in the evening. Shouldn't Richard at least give George until the next day, so that he can take the exam fresh? Whatever. He'll probably pass anyway, and then he'll be caught up with the rest of his fellow second year residents.

On next week's Grey's Anatomy, it's every doctor for him or herself.

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