Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.12 "Sympathy For The Devil" Recap (Page 2/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.12 "Sympathy For The Devil" Recap (Page 2/4)
Bailey and Meredith wheel their patients out into the hallway simultaneously. Jackson tells PDR Guy that he needs a liver, and PDR Guy offers his. Um, talk about foreshadowing that is about as subtle as getting hit by a piano on the head.

Tyne Daly, otherwise known as Derek's mother, shows up at the hospital. Rebuffing the car service that Derek ordered for her, she just hopped on a bus. Izzie coaches Meredith on her smile, and it's so funny and forced. Also, in front of Izzie, Major McHottie (Kevin McKidd) asks Cristina (Sandra Oh) out on a date and to perform an enema on a patient, all in one breath. Quelle romance.

PDR Guy asks Meredith to cross-check his blood-type with Jackson's.

Callie tells the Short Guy that they have to take out the leg-lengthening device and take out the dead tissue. He is heartbroken. He has been more than miserable with his paltry five-foot-three height, and he really, desperately needed the extra two inches the device would have given him.

Bailey yells at Robbins about how best to treat Jackson, and Robbins yells back. In the middle of their shouting match, Alex (Justin Chambers) comes in and says that they've got organs.

Robbins and Alex hop on a plane to retrieve the organ, and Robbins chats incessantly during the trip, even asking Alex about whether he thinks Izzie is the one for him. He snaps that he doesn't make plans. If there's a future, then great. If not, then he'll get over it. He always does.

In the cafeteria, Meredith and Derek have lunch with Tyne. Tyne asks her about her family, and Meredith makes a hasty retreat to go treat the serial killer who is here, but not killing anyone. Mark runs into Tyne, and he's got guilt all over his face because he's sleeping with Little Grey, the 24-year-old child sitting over there slurping out of the juicebox. Elsewhere in the cafeteria, Izzie teases Cristina about what kind of awkward date she'll have with Major McHottie.

PDR tells Meredith that, as a prisoner on death row, he gets to choose whether he wants to die by hanging or by lethal injection and asks which she would choose. She gives a very clinical description about how each method kills you. She also tells him that he is a transplant match for Jackson after all.

Tyne seeks out Little Grey to scrutinize her. She puts Little Grey's face between her hands and asks if she is a good girl. She asks her about the number of sexual partners she has had (six, maybe s-s-s-seven), and any speeding tickets (one, 12 miles per hours over, but she was going downhill) and where the gift shop is.

While operating on the Short Guy, Callie rehashes her previous personal disasters (George and Hahn both leaving her), and these are the reasons why she is afraid to try for another relationship, why she is afraid to stand tall at the hospital.

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