Love Triangles (and Quadrangles) Are Brewing on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Love Triangles (and Quadrangles) Are Brewing on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On Grey's Anatomy, the only thing more complicated than the surgeries performed on the patients in "You Really Have a Hold on Me" are the love lives of the doctors at Grey Sloan. While most of the surgeons were busy trying to bring two young brothers back from the brink of death, Jackson learned that both ex-wife April and potential crush Maggie have moved on, leaving him the odd man out. And Amelia was faced with her recent post-tumor hookup, Dr. Koracick, who seemed eager to mix business with pleasure when she called him to consult on her and Alex's flailing ultrasound project. These developments paved the way for some potentially very messy love triangles (and possible quadrangles) that could make life at Grey Sloan awkward -- not to mention hella confusing -- for everyone involved.

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Although viewers don't seem to be a fan of the Jackson-Maggie (Magson? Jaggie?) pairing, it's still a very real possibility. After Maggie decided a romance with Jackson would be just too complicated, she's taken up with a man she met online, Clive. When we last checked in with the fledgling couple, love wasn't blossoming since Clive is a mere mortal while Maggie is a genius heart surgeon. But viewers learned that the relationship has heated up thanks to the knowledge that the walls in Meredith's house are very, very thin.

The revelation that Maggie and Clive are still very much an item came as a surprise to Jackson, who did a terrible job hiding his jealousy. And even though Maggie's currently content to get laid and share the news with her gal pals, she's not kissing and telling as long as Jackson is within earshot. Viewers know Clive's just a filler (or a fluffer), but a new development could further delay if not entirely derail Maggie and Jackson exploring an incest-adjacent fling, April.

Jackson discovered his formerly pious and prim ex-wife has been born again as a party animal. And as if this wasn't enough to process, Jackson had to listen to April's boy-toy Vik brag to Levi, aka "Glasses," in the cafeteria line about his sexual exploits with April. Arizona urged Jackson to be happy for April, and the fact that she's finally moving on, but Jackson wasn't exactly down with the mother of his child getting down, particularly with an intern with a big mouth. Jackson's concern is a mix of shock and awe regarding April's outlandish behavior and a hint of regret that she couldn't cut loose during the angst-filled marriage.

April is on a downward trajectory, and that's going to pull Jackson's attention away from Maggie unless ... he turns to her as a shoulder to cry on, giving the twosome the final push they need to become Grey Sloan's next ill-fated couple. This will inevitably drive April over the edge since it's the worst-kept secret that she's still in love with her ex (is anyone in the hospital not smitten with Jackson?) April may be killing time with Vik, but their relationship is of the strictly booty call variety.

Maybe Jackson and Maggie will give dating a shot and realize what fans already know -- they have zero chemistry. Maggie would be totally breaking girl code, and the whole thing is just super yucky. It's hard to see a happy ending as long as April's a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown Will April turn to God for guidance and give Maggie and Jackson her blessing? What would Jesus do? One thing is certain, Clive won't be around for long -- luckily he was just bland enough for nobody to care.

Amelia/Owen/Teddy/Dr. Koracick

Amelia and Owen are the masters of conscious uncoupling. After they amicably decided to declare their marriage DOA, Amelia walked in on Carina and Owen post-coitus and stayed for pancakes. Then she went on to have a romp of her own with her mentor, Dr. Koracick (Greg Germann).

Carina and Owen's hookup was total rebound for both of them, and now that Carina's back with Arizona, Owen is once again single and free to mingle. Teddy is due to return any time now, and nobody's forgotten her and Owen's passionate kiss on the bench, or the fact that Teddy's been carrying a torch for Owen forever. Owen is poised to take Teddy out of the friendzone if his lack of emotional availability doesn't get in the way. Watching that relationship develop may prove more difficult for Amelia than the revelation that Owen blew off some steam with a bisexual gynecologist.

Amelia has some romantic intrigue of her own going on. After watching Amelia spar with Dr. Koracick, there's no denying there's a spark between them. It's unclear if he'll be back to continue to help Amelia and Alex with their research or not, but it feels like the show is leaving the door open for his return (who doesn't want to see Koracick walking the halls of Grey Sloan?), and Amelia could be open to a relationship with Koracick after seeing him interact so warmly with her dying patient, Kimmie. The two have a long history, and she continues to call Koracick whenever she needs help. Amelia has no other potential love interests other than one, Owen.

There are fans who were devastated by Owen and Amelia's breakup. Amelia dismissed their relationship as a tumor symptom, but Owen didn't have a mass pressing on his brain. Amelia's journey of self-discovery post-tumor hasn't been given any attention, although she's supposedly not a huge, dysfunctional mess anymore, which makes her more appealing. Koracick fills a void for Amelia that Owen never could, but, c'mon, it's Owen Hunt.

Love and lust are definitely in the air at Grey Sloan. It's just a matter of who and when.

Do you think Jackson's still in love with April? Should he and Maggie date? Could things still work out for Amelia and Owen? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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