Love Notes: The Hottest Couples on TV
Love Notes: The Hottest Couples on TV
Welcome to the first installment of Love Notes, a new weekly column following the most popular, interesting and dramatic couples on TV right now.  Today we will analyze ménage à trois at their best.  First we’ll look at the twisted love triangle between Addison, Mark and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy and then we’ll move to Jack, Kate and Sawyer, Lost's  most favored love trio.  Whether it’s in a hospital or in the tropics, these romances are chock full of dysfunction.

Alex and MarkSo Alex and Izzie had a fling last season but Izzie moved onto Denny and Alex sort of pined over Izzie in a bad-boy, protector kind of way.  This season, Alex’s love life has been the least talked about storyline.  While Callie and George go off and get hitched, Christina and Burke have an unusual proposal and Meredith and Derek finally connect on a deeper level, Alex has just stayed in the background.  Enter Addison, a lovesick pup on the rebound from losing her ex-husband to an intern.  While we did see her in bed with Mark, it seemed more like a fling than anything substantial.  Then there was the kiss or non-kiss between Addison and Alex.  I thought that it would be the beginning of a new relationship, but now I’m confused.  After last week’s “no sex for 60 days” rule between Addison and Mark and Alex’s newfound friendship with Jane Doe (who will most likely be a recurring character in the next few episodes), I don’t know where everyone stands.  Each individual comes with his or her own set of dysfunction.  From Addison’s marital transgression to Mark’s playboy reputation to Alex’s bad boy on the outside softy on the inside image; these folks are all sorts of emotional basket cases.  But do fellow emotional wrecks stick together?  Well Derek and Meredith certainly fit the bill.  My vote is for Alex and Addison.  I’ve had enough of Mark’s slimy ways and I know that Alex is good at heart (not to mention sexy).  But will Jane Doe put a crimp in my dreams?  We’ll have to tune in Thursday to find out.

Sawyer, Kate and Jack Onto relationships of the more tropical variety.  The Jack-Kate-Sawyer storyline has been at issue since day one.  You’ve got the intelligent good guy versus the snarky bad guy and the kicker is that they’re both gorgeous.  How’s a poor pretty convict to choose?  Well on this island, you don’t have to.  When your pretty much the only hot girl for miles, you can pretty much play the game however you choose.  In my mind, Kate is the quintessential playgirl.  She’ll love them and leave them with the best of them.  Or so I thought.  Last week’s episode made me reconsider her true feelings.  Though she slept with Sawyer, was it just because they were trapped in a cage?  There has always been flirtatious banter between Kate and Sawyer but Jack is the only one that she’s really seemed truly connected to.  I see her appeal; sexy, rugged and girly at the same time, but that doesn’t mean she’s the one.  Like I said, what are their alternatives?  Jack had a possibility with Juliet but if you ask me, she’s just incredibly too calm to be a human being.  While I do appreciate Sawyer and his comedic relief, my vote is for Jack.  Jack and Kate have similar emotional baggage: their parents or lack there of.  My hope: Kate saves Jack and they end up happily ever after.  What will actually happen?  Kate will save Jack with Sawyer’s help and the love triangle will continue.  When will it all be resolved? Not any time soon I think.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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