Grey's Ellen Pompeo to Rock the Runway
Grey's Ellen Pompeo to Rock the Runway
Hot off a run as Tv's most famous corpse, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith 'Grey's Anatomy') will be entering another venue altogether:  fashion mogul.  Pompeo is one of many Celebrities signed up to appear at the Swarovski 'Fashion Rocks' event that kicks off during Oscars week.   While Grey's Anatomy fans wait patiently to find out if Pompeo's character will be brought back from the dead (even money on, 'well ya'),  Pompeo is in preparations to lend her celebrity to the event which aims to bring the world of runway fashion into the mainstream.

Launched in London in 2003, Runway Rocks has traveled to Paris, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo, and comes to Los Angeles for the first time this year.  The Runway Rocks show will include designs from Cate Adair, Christopher Kane, Tae Ashida, Shaun Leane and Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen, Tarina Tarantino and more. This is the first time Grey's Anatomy's Pompeo has attended the event which in the past has attracted celebrities as diverse as Courtney Love,
Cheryl Tiegs, and Fran Dreschner.

Best known for designs centered in jewelry, Swarovski also has been called upon to coordinate costume design in motion pictures such as Joel
Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera.

The show takes place February 21st in LA.  Expect Pompeo to be descended upon by reporters looking to pry loose word on her Grey's Anatomy alter ego Meredith who 'apparently' died last week.  Rumors have run rampant that her character may stay dead which would be a first in the world of major character deaths.  Grey's Anatomy entered the sweeps death roll with its February 15th episode.