'Grey's Anatomy's Kim Raver: Teddy Still in Love with Owen on
'Grey's Anatomy's Kim Raver: Teddy Still in Love with Owen on
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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And the bad news just keep coming for Cristina-Owen fans. Not only is cardio goddess and former army buddy Teddy Altman staying put (Kim Raver was upped to Grey's Anatomy regular), the former 24 and Lipstick Jungle star professes one thing: her character Teddy is still very much in love with Owen (Kevin McKidd).

"Yes, yes and yes!" she (rather enthusiastically) tells E! Online.

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But not so fast to those who want Cristina (Sandra Oh) to return to her gloomy ways. Raver adds that as much as Teddy is still in love with Owen, she just won't unsheathe her claws and pounce on her protégé Yang.

"But what's so great about Teddy, and for the fans, is she knew Owen was engaged while they were in Iraq, and she never did anything," Raver points out. "That's what I think is so amazing about her. She's not going to start doing that kind of thing now. Then on top of it, she has such enormous respect for Cristina because she's so good, and she's also her mentor. So while I think she's still in love with Owen, she's going to have to figure out how to deal with that."

Why, you ask, was she promoted to series regular on Grey's if not for her home-wrecking ways? Maybe the Grey's writers are already above the simple love triangle bits and will actually concentrate on the medicine? But she's not going away, that's for sure, and for an alum of a couple of loved but not so popular shows, Raver is happy to be part of a broadcast staple.

"I was just telling my mother that for once she doesn't have to worry about my show being canceled," she adds. "And I can't imagine a better show to be a part of right now than this one."

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