'Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Teddy's Not Going Anywhere
'Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Teddy's Not Going Anywhere
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Keen an open mind, that's what Kevin McKidd wants to tell the Grey's Anatomy fans who are apprehensive of the brewing love triangle among his character Owen Hunt, his girlfriend (sort of, because you just can't associate the word girlfriend with her) Cristina Yang, and newcomer Teddy Altman (guest star Kim Raver). Nonetheless, he revealed that what the three will get themselves into a real "adult problem."

"It's not going to be some petty, juvenile, immature thing. It's going to be really interesting and very intense," he tells E! Online.

McKidd related that when he heard the pitch for the idea, he and Oh were not at all receptive to the entire thing. But they quickly changed their minds because the storyline opened more possibilities for their characters. When he met Raver, the idea even began sounding better.

"We started to work and what seemed to be coming clear very quickly is that we three actors have great respect for each other. And that adds a really interesting dynamic to the triangle as it is played out on the screen because all three of us actors have great respect for each other."

On the last episode of Grey's Anatomy, just when we thought Yang and Hunt were on the clear (after all, Teddy was just a present), Teddy said that she kind of liked Hunt, and she thought he would call her after his last relationship. I'm sure there's a handful of Grey's Anatomy fans who felt sorry for her.

"People are hopefully going to be very, very torn and very involved and kind of sucked into it. I think it's a very interesting story we're telling."

- Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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