Grey's Anatomy: Why I'm On The Fence About Gizzie
Grey's Anatomy: Why I'm On The Fence About Gizzie
When Grey’s Anatomy was in its first season, all any of my female friends and family members told me was how great it was. When something is hyped beyond reason, I tend to stay away from it so naturally, it took until the middle of season 2 to lose my inner battle and give in to my love for the doctors of Seattle Grace. Since then, I have gone on to have a love/hate relationship with the show, mostly love. I loved the Izzie/Denny relationship and hated that Meredith almost drowned. I loved that Alex found a heart while taking care of Ava, but hated the way they resolved (or lack thereof) the Cristina/Burke storyline. Now, a new storyline has me on the fence: the Gizzie relationship.

First of all, the name alone is enough to drive me insane. I hate… I repeat, HATE… when people put two names together that don’t belong together. This all started with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and I hold them partially responsible. I never want to hear the name Bennifer again. That goes for Gizzie too, while we’re at it. That is definitely one reason to hate the relationship.

Yet, I love when two friends get together. It’s very Jim/Pam on NBC’s The Office. Jam. Ugh, there it is again! In life, I always want my friends to get together. It’s better than meeting some guy at a bar and sleeping with him. I’m talking to you, Meredith. Since George and Izzie have crossed the line of friendship, though, they haven’t been as much fun. When an old, dying man has funnier exchanges with Izzie than her best friend, something is wrong. It’s all very heightened, very dramatic, very unfunny. If humor can be interjected, then I might be for the relationship.

Then, there’s the issue of Callie and I’m not sure what to feel for her. The marriage was a bad idea, and people tried to tell George, who wouldn’t listen. In fact, last season I thought Izzie was being a bi-otch about the whole thing but now, looking back, I would’ve done the same thing if it were one of my friends. You see that train wreck a mile away. Callie is a cool girl, though, and doesn’t deserve what George and Izzie have done to her. I’m all about the Callie/Izzie smackdown next week, and truth be told, I’m kind of rooting for Callie here.

George doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to cheat on his wife or be disloyal so this whole storyline feels very out of character. I don’t think that Shonda will put him with Izzie anyway, something will come up. Pretty soon, Meredith and Izzie are bound to get jealous over his friendship with Lexie, the outsider. Callie won’t go down without a fight. And, at the end of the day, neither are the other one’s types. I guess I can accept it if they get together but if not, I won’t break out the Kleenex or protest signs.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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