Grey's Anatomy: What's Up with the Mystery Guest Role?
Grey's Anatomy: What's Up with the Mystery Guest Role?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Last week, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reported that Kaley Cuoco, who plays lead female character Penny on The Big Bang Theory, will be gracing Grey's Anatomy for its fifth season finale. This was supposed to mark the latest season finale casting news for the medical drama following the casting of Debra Mooney (Everwood) and Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls, The West Wing), who have signed on to respectively play the mother of Kevin McKidd's emotionally plagued character Owen and a cancer patient who crosses paths with Izzie (Katherine Heigl). But as it turns out, Cuoco won't be appearing on Grey's Anatomy after all. Now, there's a rumor going on about CBS seemingly derailing Cuoco's guest gig, as well as the mystery role that has now been offered to actress Shannon Lucio.

Among the season finale guest stars of Grey's Anatomy, many were excited about The Big Bang Theory actress coming onboard. Maybe it had something to do with the clandestine plot attached to the said role which the show is keeping under the wraps "until the last possible moment." However, according to Cuoco's spokesperson, "Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts on behalf of The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco regrettably will be unable to guest star on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Kaley is a big fan of Grey's Anatomy and hopes to work with them in the future."

But Big Bang Theory already wrapped up production for the season last Tuesday while Cuoco previously revealed that she wasn't needed on the Grey's Anatomy set until this week. So is there more to this story than unforeseen scheduling conflicts?

To clarify, Cuoco's spokesperson explained "it was a publicity related commitment, not a production conflict."

Still, there are sources that point the blame to CBS, which seemingly spoiled the deal since the network "didn't want one of their biggest stars appearing on one of ABC's biggest shows." Consequently, the show enlisted Shannon Lucio, who is known for playing Caleb's illegitimate daughter, Lindsay, on The O.C. and most recently as Trishanne on Prison Break, as Cuoco's replacement. The question is: who is she playing?

I don't think Lucio will be playing some random patient on Grey's Anatomy otherwise the show wouldn't make such a big deal on keeping the guest plot under wraps. Many fans are guessing that she's Izzie's long-lost daughter whom she gave up for adoption but that's not likely to happen because if you do the math, Izzie gave up her daughter at 16. This means her daughter should be 11 now that Izzie's 27. Then again, there's also that chance that she might be related to Izzie. Perhaps a long-lost sister who might possibly fly out for Izzie and Alex's wedding?

What are you thoughts on the mystery role?

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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