Grey's Anatomy to get Seriously Extended Treatment
Grey's Anatomy to get Seriously Extended Treatment is reporting that Grey's Anatomy's forthcoming DVD release has been subtitled 'Seriously Extended,' just as Amazon has placed a pre-order page up for the pending set.  As far as what 'seriously extended' actually means is anybodies guess, but word is as soon as the DVD set hit pre-order status Grey's Anatomy fans started reaching for their plastic in hordes.

Season Three of Grey's was apocalyptic for the series's well known dramatic landscape.   Aside from some of the more memorable moments in Grey's Anatomy's history (the ferry crash, Meredith's death, the Intern exams, the chief race) season three was also a season that seemed to begin with a predictable dramatic angle, but ended in interpersonal disarray.

The 'Seriously Extended' subtitle for the DVD box set may just be marketing guy trickery, or it could indicate a long rumored move towards extended episodes.  This is not an industry consideration for Grey's Anatomy alone, there have long been rumors that some top shows may get extended run times in their DVD releases.  It makes sense to hesitate on such a move since restoring footage also means altering the narrative of the episodes, which for some fans is a huge no no.

One thing that can certainly be derived from the subtitle is that this Grey's Anatomy set will no doubt be jam packed with plenty of the traditional DVD extras that we have come to love.  Deleted scenes, blooper reels, commentaries, and behind the scenes footage.  But will it feature the infamous 'choke gate?'   Not likely.

Grey's Anatomy the Seriously Extended complete third season DVD box set will ship September 11th, 2007.  Grey's Anatomy's fourth season will begin shortly after.  Currently there is no firm word on whether Isaiah Washington or TR Knight will be returning full time, but Isaiah Washington will at least be returning on a guest star basis, and rumors being rumors could just as likely return to his regular recurring role.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV  Senior Writer
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