Grey's Anatomy: The Same Old Things
Grey's Anatomy: The Same Old Things
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
"You're getting married. It's a miracle.  Meredith Grey, child of darkness, has found someone.  Don't you want to celebrate that?"

Why do I think I've heard this line from somewhere before on Grey's Anatomy?  Maybe not verbatim, but didn't Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) said the same thing to Cristina (Sandra Oh) when she panicked after washing off her vows on her hands?  In that inimitable tone of voice and glassy eyes, Meredith told Cristina, "We need this.  We need you to get your happy ending."  That was enough to get some sense into Cristina.  Unfortunately, Burke (Isaiah Washington) had something else in mind.

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The twisty, dark, and cynical nature of Meredith (and Cristina) seems to be a major consideration in the way the plots on Grey's are written.   In the two weddings - the first botched, this impending one, probably headed for the same direction - Meredith and Cristina have demonstrated this somehow cliché theme: that despite the cynicism and the gloom, the two found love, allegedly, whereas bubbly, perky, and optimistic (not to mention now cancer-stricken) Izzie couldn't seem to make a relationship work. And now that she's ever so close to finally make it, she just might not be there to witness it.  How ironically tragic.

The last episode of Grey's was great because Karev (Justin Chambers) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) were both being their usual jerk selves again, while newly single Cristina was also being her old gloomy self. George (TR Knight) finally had some revealing and significant lines, plot-wise, when he told Alex that he had no idea what Hunt (Kevin McKidd) or Izzie see in him.  At least we know that George does mind all these things.  And why does he mind?  Because he's still hung up on Izzie.

All these things considered, why do I have the sinking feeling that, while all these are very exciting, I've seen it all before?  Maybe in different characters or forms or patients, but just the same, the similar things and themes: weddings that don't go as planned and people on the verge of death.  Or maybe because that's really how it goes.  The same tragedies just befall on different people in different part of their lives.  So is it safe to say that Meredith will freak out on her wedding day?

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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