Grey's Anatomy: The Couple That Stole The Show
Grey's Anatomy: The Couple That Stole The Show
Any episode of Grey’s Anatomy that features the return of my all-time favorite character Denny Duquette is a great episode in my book. At this point, it seems obvious that the writers at Grey’s must regret killing him off just a little bit before they should have because they keep bringing him up and he keeps showing up here and there. It seems that Izzie isn’t the only one who can’t forget about him. Fans are always overjoyed to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s face around the hospital halls, too – even if he’s dead and even if he hardly says a word. Though I’ll admit to welling up just about every time Denny showed his face, it was another couple on last night’s episode that had me crying like a baby.

Derek and Bailey teamed up to treat an elderly woman named Rose, who is accustomed to surgeries. Before she is given anesthesia and taken to the operating room, she kisses her husband goodbye and they promise to say hello to each other when she wakes up. However, he is warned that she may not even wake up – that’s never a good sign. It turns out that Derek and Bailey were right and Rose is technically dead after the surgery. Her husband can’t handle it and starts doing compressions to keep her heart beating. Eventually, Derek and Bailey take over so the man can rest and then, he finally lets her go.

The image of this man shaking Derek’s hand at the main entrance to Seattle Grace, towards the end of the episode, and then watching him walk out of the hospital all by himself absolutely destroyed me. I was already feeling emotional over the Izzie/Denny reunion but the old people did me in. It was the best writing Grey’s had done in a long time, renewing the faith I had lost in recent times. The last time I cried that hard was when Denny passed away in season 2, but that’s one cry fest that no episode could ever compete with.

On a side note, I must say: I feel bad that I can't seem to remember Rose's husband's name.  Dr. Owen Hunt would be severely disappointed in me.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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