Grey's Anatomy - Testing 1-2-3 - Recap
Grey's Anatomy - Testing 1-2-3 - Recap
Grey’s Anatomy fans who were put off by last weeks bucolic tangents will be happy to know that Addison has landed squarely back into the sterile world of Seattle Grace.  While this Grey's Anatomy was little more than the typical shenanigans, it at least did not cry out for plot-Ritalin.  Not to say that the episode was without a gimmick; the week before the finale belongs to the interns to set the pace.  But don’t worry, there is plenty going down with our cast of ‘real’ doctors as well.

For starters, Burke  once again seeks romantic advice from a character in a scene that oddly parallels the success of his real life ‘rehabilitation.’ This time, he gets to talk commitment with the commitment impaired Derek.  Like the extremely clever scene with George last week in the ER, the scene is charmingly done and the irony of seeing the men not only being civil to one another but, actually drawing from each other for emotional support would have been successful even if you weren’t hearing the director saying “See… they CAN and DO work together!” in the back of your mind.

The setup for Addison’s departure could not be more foreshadowed. As she weighs Naomi’s offer, she is beset by a parade of whiny pregnant women who have no respect for their ‘gift’.  Now, Addison is not nearly as featured as you might guess, all the more reason to think this line of character development has her point her nose for L.A.  Heck, Addison quitting Seattle Grace makes for good.

The usual characters are following their usual conundrums.  Derek and Meredith are growing farther apart, Burke is having second thoughts (do I sense a runaway groom?), and the Callie/George/Izzie situation is getting out of hand.  I mean, when Callie confronted Izzie I was like, wow, that was heart felt and I can see it just break apart.  Now, I fear for Izzie.  The cold shoulder treatment wasn’t as effective as she’d hoped, and now George and Izzie are just winding up in the wrong place at the wrong time on a pretty consistent basis, and you can see the violence in Callie’s eyes.

So next week we wrap this season up, I’m seeing Burke running for his life from the alter.  The typical “I can’t do this” at the last minute would be far too passé for Grey’s, as would them just going through with it.  The Derek and Meredith thing is just overplayed at this point. Addison is gonna quit, and Izzie is going to get her but kicked.  While it all seems plausible, I’ll be shocked if Grey’s brings us anything that predictable.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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