Grey's Anatomy: Tell Erica To Grow A Pair
Grey's Anatomy: Tell Erica To Grow A Pair
What is it with the couples on Grey’s Anatomy? In almost every relationship, since the very beginning, usually one person acts like a jerk while the other just takes it. Case in point: Derek and Meredith, Burke and Cristina, Alex and Izzie, George and Callie, and so on and so forth.  I present Grey’s most recent offender: Callie and Erica. Anyone who’s ever been in an OR with Dr. Erica Hahn knows that she doesn’t take any crap. Bailey can certainly testify to that. On last night’s episode, the two butted heads over a young patient with an inoperable tumor. Erica was difficult, argumentative, and extremely abrasive. She doesn’t tolerate anyone who’s opinions and ideas don’t match hers and she certainly doesn’t tolerate any disrespect from residents or interns. Why, then, does she clam up every time Callie walks into the room?

Last night, Erica had a revelation after sleeping with Callie.  She compared it to a story from her childhood.  Her doctor always told her that she needed glasses but she disagreed, because she thought that her vision was just fine - until the day that she actually put the glasses on.  As she drove him, she realized that she could really see everything, every leaf on every tree, and she told Callie that being with her was like putting on glasses.  She realized that she is completely gay and this brings her to tears, freaking Callie out.  At the hospital, Callie is confused about her sexuality and sleeps with Mark.  Twice.

That entire day, Callie avoided Erica, as she has been doing every time that they have a moment (or a night) together.  At the end of the episode, she revealed to Erica that she slept with Mark.  Twice.  Erica's response?  "Okay."  OKAY?  Are these two in a relationship or not?  Call me crazy, but I think if these two are trying to figure out how they feel and where they stand, then they need to only focus on each other.  Something tells me that when bisexual intern Sadie blows into town (played by Melissa George), these two really are done for.  Erica may be patient for the time being, but it doesn't seem that she'll have it in her to remain that way too much longer.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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