Grey's Anatomy: So, Who Died?
Grey's Anatomy: So, Who Died?
Grey's Anatomy hasn't yet aired on the west coast, but you east coast dwellers have already seen tonight's show.  Now, the buzz around Grey's this week was about how a major character was going to die.  It would be the person we least expected, said many a rumor mongerer.  This led to massive speculation as to who this could possibly be.  The person we would least expect?  That would have to be Meredith, right?

Well, now we know.

Spoiler Warning!Spoiler Warning!Spoiler Warning!Spoiler Warning!

It was Meredith who died.   That's right, Meredith Grey, the lead character.

But, don't worry.  It's not permanent.  The fan reaction I've witnessed thus far has been less that enthusiastic, and I can understand why.  All week, Grey's has been hyping the fact that a major character would die, only to turn around and have it be the main character who will quickly be revived.  Tomorrow, we'll get into exactly what happened with our full recap. 

I would just like to touch on the lack of creativity the “main character technically dying only to be later revived” plot.  Did we not see this happen a few years ago on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  And, in that instance, it actually had story ramifications (Buffy's death triggered the calling of the next slayer and...oh, nevermind). 

What do you all think?  Was it a good story move, or was it a bust?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer