Grey's Anatomy: Seattle's Fall From Grace
Grey's Anatomy: Seattle's Fall From Grace
On Grey's Anatomy, it's bad enough that Seattle Grace Hospital has fallen from being one of the top teaching schools in the country to #12.  What didn't help matters was a leak in the hospital that ended up turning into a flood.  Dr. Bailey tried to warn Dr. Webber about the leaks throughout the hospital and get the surgical patients transported to area (and rival) hospitals like Mercy West and Seattle Presbyterian.  Dr. Webber refused to listen though and put people's safety at risk.  In order to turn things around, several things at Seattle Grace need to change and last night, Webber laid down the law and the new teaching protocol.  Here are the new rules and who they affect at Seattle Grace.

First, second, and third year residents will no longer be allowed to specialize. The practice interferes with the development of a fully rounded surgical education.

This first rule, set forth by Dr. Webber, mainly affects Cristina Yang. It’s no secret around Seattle Grace that she’s looking to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, just like her lovers and mentors, Dr. Colin Marlowe and Dr. Preston Burke. However, Cristina prides herself on being the best so if Dr. Webber is looking for the best well rounded surgeon, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that she’s on the top of his list.

Personal relationships, personal loyalties, and personal favorites will no longer be a factor in the training program. Attendings must spread their knowledge equally among all the residents. Attention will be refocused on patient communication and bedside manner.

Dr. Webber made this clear, in his meeting, that he expects his doctors not to become overly emotionally involved with their patients and he’s talking to you, Izzie Stevens. Never mind the fact that she fell madly in love with Denny Duquette, a man dying of a serious heart condition. She is known for becoming emotionally attached to the people she takes care of and will have to learn to step back a little and act more professionally. A doctor cannot be somebody’s friend but good luck telling Meredith that.

On last night’s episode, she spilled her entire personal life to a woman dying of cancer. Listen, my eye doctor is a pretty cool guy but I’m not going to ask him who he’s sleeping with. Where do these patients get off?  This second rule also affects Meredith because Derek can no longer show her favortism because of her last name or how good she is in bed.

Residents – your interns reflect on you. If they fail, you fail. If they succeed, you succeed. Attendings – that goes for residents as well. Teach with enthusiasm, learn with enthusiasm.

Well, I guess in many ways, this affects all of the doctors at Seattle Grace.  Perhaps the two worst teaching doctors are Cristina and Mark, who seem more annoyed by interns than interested in them.  In terms of who will become great teachers, my money is on Bailey, Izzie, Callie, and hopefully George, who finally retook his exam last night and hopefully will finally become a resident.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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