Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Date Announced
Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Date Announced
Today, ABC announced that Grey’s Anatomy would receive an extra hour of programming this season, with a two hour season finale. The season four finale will air on Thursday, May 22nd from 9-11pm ET. That episode will pre-empt Lost, which will return the following week for its own two hour season finale. Grey’s Anatomy received 17 hours of programming this season while Lost received 14. Both shows were affected by the Writers Guild of America strike, which lasted from November of 2007 to February of 2008.

Grey’s Anatomy will return next week on April 24th with a new episode. That means that Grey’s fans will only get 5 new episodes before the season ends. It’s been quite some time since a new episode aired so here is a quick refresher. On the last episode, which aired back in January, Bailey had to perform surgery on her son who was injured while her husband was watching him. Callie dealt with life after marriage while Derek explored a new relationship with Rose.

When the show picks up on April 24th with the episode, “Where The Wild Things Are”, six weeks have passed at Seattle Grace. With Derek off romancing Rose, Meredith turns her attention to a surgical competition, going up against Alex, Izzie, and Cristina. Meanwhile, Callie, feeling all alone, shacks up with her new best friend, Erica Hahn.

Grey’s fans will be happy to know that a definite date has been announced for Kate Walsh’s return as Addison. She heads back to Seattle Grace for the May 1st episode, “Piece of My Heart” to perform surgery on a patient who desperately needs her expertise and skill. What shocks Addison the most is just how much life has changed since she left. Elizabeth Reaser will also return as Rebecca/Ava and will reveal some shocking news to Alex.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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