'Grey's Anatomy' Roundup: Someone's Pregnant, Upcoming Breakup, and Guess Who Misses Izzie
'Grey's Anatomy' Roundup: Someone's Pregnant, Upcoming Breakup, and Guess Who Misses Izzie
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Not to alarm people or anything, but E! Online is reporting that one of the "longer-term, most loved couples" on Grey's Anatomy is headed to Splitsville soon. The reason for the breakup is not another guy or girl, but "a very serious issue" that they can't just overcome.

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There's a little MerDer photo right beside this spoiler, but fans of the show realize that this has Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) little to-baby-or-not-to-baby debacle written all over it.

In real life, of course, Capshaw is by no means like her peds surgeon character. The 33-year-old is in fact pregnant. She and hubby Christopher Gavigan are expecting their second child later this year, People reports.

"They are thrilled," says the rep of Steven Spielberg's stepdaughter. This comes in the heels of a virtual baby boom in Seattle Grace, with Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl and Eric Dane welcoming additions to their families recently. Take that back to May last year and you can add Chyler Leigh to the mix.

It remains to be seen though if her pregnancy will be written into the show, although that will be mighty ironic since she's on the no-baby side of the debate. Grey's Anatomy did not write Pompeo's pregnancy into Mer's storyline. Shonda just made her bedridden underneath a ton of sheets.

Someone who won't be on any future storylines is Izzie Stevens, following Katherine Heigl's confirmation that she won't be returning to the show. But Justin Chambers, who plays Izzie's estranged ex Alex, begs to differ.

"Never underestimate Katherine Heigl," Chambers teases to E! Online. "She'll probably [be back]. I miss her immensely. "I think he'll always have a soft spot for Izzie and he's going to miss her very much. Who knows, anything's possible on Grey's Anatomy, she might be back."

On the last Karev-centric episode of Grey's, Alex did mention that Iz had sent him the divorce papers. Should Iz return to SG to say goodbye to everyone?

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