'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Working on Hernias on Christmas?
'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Working on Hernias on Christmas?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Well so much for non-awkward dinner conversations. Bailey's daddy should meet Callie's daddy. Maybe a few drinks with the Chief?

On tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, we found out that: 1. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) has an 18-year-old long-lost daughter, Little Sloan (guest star Leven Rambin), 2. There's someone who can effectively shut Bailey (Chandra Wilson) up, at least for a while, 3. the Chief (James Pickens, Jr.) has a drinking problem, 4. Owen (Kevin McKidd) had feelings for Teddy (guest star Kim Raver), 5. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) is once again MIA, 6. Bailey played the oboe as a kid, 7. no bonuses for the surgeons! This is an outrage!

The Chief's drinking problem
Still not talking to Derek (Patrick Dempsey) over the whole you're-fired-no-I'm-not fiasco, the Chief has taken Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) under his wing, asking her if she wanted a mentor. Feeling the brunt of Mercy West competition, Mer agrees.

Yang: Your daddy issues are working for you.
Mer: I don't have daddy issues!
Yang: You're now his bitch.
Alex: That's the problem. I'm nobody's bitch.
Yang: You were Izzie's bitch.
Alex: You're the bitch.

Derek tries to tell her that the Chief probably has an ulterior motive, but she shrugs it off. We find out much, much later that the Chief has a drinking problem, and he's been greatly taking it lightly. He tells Mer that it's "situational depression" and we remember that suicide rates do go through the roof during the Holiday season.


Bailey's daddy
The holidays mean family, and we meet Bailey's daddy (Bill Bailey, no really, that's his name). He is not exactly pleased that Miranda is operating on hernias on fat dudes during Christmas, and Callie's (Sara Ramirez) brave attempt to inject a little perspective into daddy Bailey's head falls short ("We get lots of hernias in Christmas. We also get a lot of broken bones. Anyway, I'm dating women.").

After the hernia operation, just when you think Bailey's daddy is going to give her some props for saving someone's life, he goes, "This is what you do for Christmas? Repair a fat guy's hernia? The child I raised. She was raised better than that."

This little conflict escalates in the dinner table during Christmas eve, with practically everyone on the table. Bailey finally has enough, and she lashes out his father, explaining that she only went with the divorce to avoid giving an unpleasant example to her son about marriage and love. And guess what, he is growing up to be a healthy, happy boy.


There is also some movement in this little sordid love triangle, but it isn't exactly what fans probably expected. Owen admits to Teddy that he did have some feelings for her, and he was only waiting for any signal from her. Teddy yells, you were engaged, hello.

Good thing the patient of the week happens to be a heartless girl, literally, because her heart is so damaged that they are forced to remove it altogether. They did have to wait until New Year's eve because, says Cristina, there's plenty of drunken people driving around resulting in a lot of available hearts. When heartless girl survives the operation, the guy with her, with whom she only went out four times, pops out a ring and proposes.

Heartless girl: Oh my God what are you doing?
Yang: Oh my God what are you doing?
Proposing guy: You amaze me everyday.

So naturally, Cristina looks on forlornly at the sideline. She then goes out to look for Hunt and tells him, "I'm insensitive sometimes, but I don't want you to be with me because you owe me something -" and Owen cuts her off with a really heavy kiss.

By the way, while operating on heartless girl, Bailey ended up having to sing to her, because it hurt and a nice song can do something about it. Ordered to sing along, Yang says, "I can't. I'm Jewish." And Bailey was all, "Don't play the race card with me. Sing or get out of my service."


Little Sloan
The big story on this Grey's Anatomy episode, however, was Mark's daughter. She just saunters into Seattle Grace, going, "This is a little weird, but my name's Sloan Riley, and I'm pretty sure you're my dad."

Sloan isn't exactly jumping with joy, because he says having an 18-year-old daughter is like a nail to his coffin. Lexie (Chyler Leigh) cuts off her finger when Mark announces that Little Sloan's going to stay with them for a while. After a while and Little Sloan shows no sign of going away (no packed suitcase and stuff), Lexie uses the oldest trick in the book to get Mark to ask her: sex embargo.

Yet even before he can open his mouth, Little Sloan goes, "What are you looking at you old perv?" naturally shooing him away. Eventually, she reveals to him that she's pregnant (paging Addison) and, really, she has nowhere else to go.

What did you enjoy most on this Grey's Anatomy episode?

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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