'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: A Recipe for Disaster
'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: A Recipe for Disaster
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
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I can't believe I'm going to quote an intern, but here it goes. "What just happened?" That was courtesy of Stephanie (more on her later) but it applies to almost every storyline of "Run, Baby, Run", the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy. The episode seemingly revolved around Bailey's impending marriage to Ben but in reality became about so much more.

If I Have to Go, You Have to Go

Miranda Bailey is in a state. Freaked out that her first marriage went belly up, she's suffering from a case of cold feet, despite the fact that she and Ben are clearly made for each other. Friends try to intervene. April assures her that patients will be monitored. Not good enough. Callie jokes that she could still run. That was a non-starter, too. Good thing Richard (how I adore Richard...who's with me?) was there to calm the waters. He assured Miranda that her point of view was the mature reaction of an emotionally healthy adult, offered her a surgery to soothe her frayed nerves (a throwback to Cristina and Burke's non-wedding in season three), and even showed up with a limo since he knew she was in no emotional state to drive. He's like a friend, mentor, and father-figure all rolled into one.

Burning Bridges

Speaking of mentors, Alex tries to be one to Jo and that totally blows up in his face. Granted, Karev has a tendency to be gruff and could have been more encouraging, but Jo continues to get on my last nerve. She freaks out at every little thing, has frozen up multiple times during procedures and surgeries, and even tattled to Arizona that Alex had thrown her into the "deep end" of the pool. Oh, boo hoo!  Get over it! With each passing episode it seems more and more clear that Jo will be Alex's True Love and I couldn't be more disappointed.

The Dating Game

So April is convinced that if she and Jackson each go stag to Bailey's wedding, they'll end up back in each other's arms. Frankly, I'm not certain what would be so wrong with that, but this being Grey's Anatomy an elaborate plan was hatched. April invited Intern Stephanie to be Jackson's date to the wedding. Turns out Steph has a crush on Pretty Eyes and can not form a complete sentence in his presence. It also turns out that she cleans up pretty good (translation: drop dead gorgeous) and Dr. Avery definitely noticed.

Meanwhile, April invited Intern Shane to go with her to the wedding. He assumes it was a Getting To Know You mixer kind of thing, but Stephanie tells him he's on a date with Kepner! Then, just as things couldn't get any crazier or more predictable, Jackson asks Stephanie to find a date for his unnamed friend.  Of course, Jackson's friend is Alex and Alex's date turns out to be Jo. Whatever.

Speaking of Nerves

Derek's sister, Lizzie, whom we met last episode, is officially a badass. She not only gives Derek nerves from both of her legs to help repair his hand, but also gives Meredith a talking to about family. I like Lizzie. I like that she's pushy and bold and that she doesn't take any crap. Meredith, still reeling from Lexie's death, is understandably anxious about being pregnant, given her prior miscarriage and hostile uterus. So it was doubly sweet when she showed Lizzie the picture of McBaby in the womb. It was a peace gesture of sorts. The Greys and The Shepherds pretty much couldn't be any more different from each other...but they're both making an effort to be family in the truest sense of the word.

Callie needs Arizona to make an effort. After five months of support, Callie has had it. The leg (or lack thereof) is "everything" and Callie wants her life back. I kind of see her point. Now before you Calzona fans throw rocks, hear me out. No one is minimizing Arizona's loss or that it is natural for her to feel depressed and to have a long road of recovery. But Callie has a point, too. At some point Arizona has to start living again. She survived. She has a wife, a daughter, a career...she has a lot. That's all Callie is saying.

At Last!

And, finally, I arrive at Cristina and Owen...and witnessed a miracle. Their divorce is moving along a quite a clip and Cristina was reeling from the news that the papers would soon be really to sign. Fortunately Derek told Meredith (who then unwittingly informed a stunned Cristina) that Owen was only divorcing Cristina to help with the lawsuit. An amazing scene followed (in a tour de force from Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd) as Cristina confronted Owen about this tidbit only to have him reveal his unintentional part in the plane crash. There really are no words to describe the nuance of this scene as layer upon layer was peeled back, informed by the couple's long history and deep, abiding love for each other.

This brought us to the conference room at episode's end. Cristina finally told Owen that she had wanted to try again and he had asked for a divorce. His response? An immediate, all-encompassing, up-against-the-door (a recurring motif in their kisses), This Changes Everything, passionate smoochfest that the Cristina/Owen fans have been longing for for what seems like forever. Yep, that's gonna get a lot of repeat viewing over the hiatus.

See you in 2013

So what do you think Grey's Anatomy fans? Will Bailey and Ben say "I do"? Will Derek's surgery be successful? Are Cristina and Owen on their way to getting back together? And will Adele (you thought I forgot about her, didn't you?) live or die?

Find out when Grey's Anatomy returns on January 10 with an all-new episode, "Things We Said Today" on ABC.

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