Grey's Anatomy: Quotes and Music
Grey's Anatomy: Quotes and Music
It was a night of surprises and of moments a long time coming on Grey's Anatomy's "Time After Time" episode on Thursday.  Izzie has a kid and Cristina might not be meant to be with   Another thing that was a long time coming was the inclusion of more Maria Taylor tunes and we had two in this one episode.  The night featured songs by the following artists: Amy Winehouse "You Know I'm No Good," The Whitest Boy Alive "Burning," Nouvelle Vague "Dancing With Myself," Maria Taylor "Clean Getaway," Lullaby Baxter "Fontana Fontaine" and Maria Taylor  "A Good Start."  The episode also featured my favorite mix of funny and insightful quotes and I've listed my Top 10 below:

Meredith:  A patient’s history is as important as their symptoms.  It’s what helps us decide if heartburn's a heart attack if a headache's a tumor.  Sometimes patients will try to rewrite their own histories.  They’ll claim they don’t smoke or forget to mention certain drugs, which in surgery can be the kiss of death.  We can ignore it all we want but our history eventually always comes back to haunt us.

Sloan: I’m a friendly guy?
Chief:  Sloan.
Sloan:  She pressed five and got off at three.  She’d rather walk two flights of stairs than flirt with you.  Hell she’d rather climb up the outside of the building.

Karev:  You may be confused since you were  basically raised by wolves but this is what mothers do.  They stop by, they stock the fridge.  Dude you think she might do our laundry?

Cristina:  You’re going to have to put up with me being nice and sweet, for a little while.
Burke: That’ll be a nice change of pace.
Cristina: Shut up.
Burke: That’s more like it.

Marlow: Oh what on earth is…
Cristina: Oh, I’m testing colors.
Marlow: For the big day I assume.
Cristina: I’m thinking…coral?

Meredith:  You’ve got stuff on your hands.
Cristina: I’m trying to scare away cardio-god
Meredith: With pretty, pretty finger?
Cristina: He takes my rook, I take his bishop.

Izzie: I can say Hail Marys until I turn into Mary but I still miss you.  Not the sex, it was not tragic George.  I’ll live without it.  I won’t make it if you can’t be my friend.

George:  She’s got your eyes and your mouth. That means she probably eats a lot and talks a lot then. 

Meredith:  Some people believe that without history our lives amount to nothing.  At some point we all have to choose.  Do we fall back on what we know?  Or do we step forward to something new?  It’s hard not be haunted by our past.  Our history is what shapes us, what guides us.  Our history resurfaces, time after time after time.  But we have to remember, sometimes the most important history is the history we’re making today.

Chief: Sloan, you brought me to a bar; you know I don’t drink.
Sloan: Which is perfect, better to keep your mind sharp and let the ladies do the drinking.
Chief: You think if you get me laid I might make you chief.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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