'Grey's Anatomy' Poll: Who Should Get the Seat on the Board- Bailey or Karev?
'Grey's Anatomy' Poll: Who Should Get the Seat on the Board- Bailey or Karev?
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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The Season 10 finale of ABC's Grey's Anatomy dropped some major bombshells, leaving us all craving for its return. One of them involved Dr. Cristina Yang's empty seat on the hospital board. She left it to Alex Karev and Richard Webber promised it to Miranda Bailey. In true Shondaland fashion, neither one of them knows that there's a fight coming down the pipeline for this coveted spot. Bailey is already celebrating and Karev is still in shock as he sees the board shares under his pillow. Unfortunately we have to wait until the Fall to find out, but in the meantime we can have fun speculating who should sit on the hospital board.

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Why Bailey Should Have the Seat

From day one Miranda Bailey has been a stickler for procedure and was a major mentor to the Grey's gang. Ever since her OCD episode inadvertently took her out of the OR and into the research lab, she's been floundering. Her sense of purpose is gone, causing her to go way out of character (injecting a boy with an HIV strain against his parent's wishes is so anti-Bailey). Dr. Webber could see it too and it was no surprise he was going to recommend that the seat to her. Aside from being a great doctor, she's someone everyone looks up to and being a board member finally gives her the purpose and respect she deserves. With her genome lab getting shut down due to budget cuts, there isn't much left keeping her (and her sanity!) in that hospital. Giving her the seat also gives her the chance to run Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital and restore it back to its former glory. Her no-nonsense attitude comes in handy too!

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Why Karev Should Have the Seat

If you were to ask me in season 1 of Grey's Anatomy if he would be a good fit, I would say "Absolutely Not!" But he's grown a lot over 10 seasons. He's traded in a lot of his brashness and cavalier attitude and turned it into passion for helping his patients. Even though he's no longer working at Grey-Sloan, you can see the signs that he isn't exactly fulfilled at his private practice gig (he's gonna miss the craziness of Grey Sloan for sure!). Besides, with Yang gone there's no one else who isn't afraid to fight tooth and nail for what the hospital needs. Karev isn't afraid to make enemies, especially if it means doing what's best for the hospital as a whole. And oh, we can't forget that it was Yang who left her seat  and shares directly to him.

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursdays this fall on ABC.

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