'Grey's Anatomy' News Roundup: More Owen-Teddy Stuff
'Grey's Anatomy' News Roundup: More Owen-Teddy Stuff
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Most Grey's Anatomy viewers are just not into the Cristina-Owen-Teddy triangle, that much we can tell you. While Teddy's (Kim Raver) arc with Sloan (Eric Dane) may take some steam off it, Kevin McKidd tells Entertainment Weekly that, on the contrary, it's bound to make it more "complicated." What, do we have a love pentagon in our midst?

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"To me, it feels like the complication hasn't disappeared," he says. "They created this very complicated construct of a triangle that is more complicated than most triangles. All I'll say is that there have been a lot of heated debates and differences of opinion about where this is headed and what this is going to be."

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It all comes to a head this week on Grey's Anatomy, when Owen and Teddy return to their stints as medics in Iraq.

We have something else to look forward to: an upcoming Alex-centric episode, when his brother, to be played by Crash's Jake McLaughlin, comes to Seattle Grace in need of pro bono surgery. In the process, bits and pieces of Alex's so far mysterious past begin to surface. As it turns out, the Karev clan has not heard from Alex since his arrival to SG.

Finally, amid more-than-rumors that Katherine Heigl is all but gone on Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey has confirmed that he's staying put.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," McDreamy tells E! Online. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for Heigl, who stars opposite Ashton Kutcher in the upcoming action comedy flick Killers, set to hit theaters in June.

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