Grey's Anatomy: My Love For Dr. George O'Malley
Grey's Anatomy: My Love For Dr. George O'Malley
Let me just make a few things clear. I know that Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight is gay. We all know this thanks to the big mouths of Isaiah Washington and Katherine Heigl who didn’t shut up about it for what seemed like forever. I also know this because he opened up about his sexuality on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and I have seen pictures of him and his boyfriend. Furthermore, I know that the character he plays on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. George O’Malley, is not real. I don’t care though. I want to date George O’Malley. If he was real, I’d pull Lexie’s hair out to stand first in line to date him. Sure he can be neurotic and at times, completely oblivious, but how any woman ever let George go is beyond me.

On last night’s episode, George helped an 8-year-old with a serious heart condition feel comfortable with the surgery he needed to have. The little boy was defiant, refusing to listen even to his parents but he formed a connection with George that he didn’t seem to have with anyone else. George was able to tell that the boy would feel better if he just knew how things worked so he went to great lengths to make sure that happened. He let Meredith put an IV in his arm and took him on a tour of an operating room. George meant to take him in to see a simple procedure performed by Erica but instead walked in a man’s face peeled down while Derek removed a tumor the size of a baseball.

If I could slap George around a little, I would because he has always wasted his time with women who can’t make him happy in the long run and that obviously includes Callie, who is currently entering into a lesbian relationship with Erica. Standing in front of him is Lexie, who I shall continue to live vicariously through, and he doesn’t even realize that she’s in love with him. Perhaps the one thing O’Malley really needs is a little more self-confidence and the ability to really see people and hear them when they’re standing in front of him. In the meantime, if anyone needs me, I’ll be pining away…

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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