Grey's Anatomy: More Doctors and Interns Joining Seattle Grace
Grey's Anatomy: More Doctors and Interns Joining Seattle Grace
Grey’s Anatomy seems to be making several changes to the show this season, starting with the relationships of several characters. George and Izzie are dead (thank God) while Shonda Rhimes has promised to bring Derek and Meredith together and have it stay that way. In fact, the two are already moving together. It’s about time! New doctors are moving in and getting cozy at Seattle Grace, starting with Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt. Dr. Hunt is a military doctor on leave who finds romance with Dr. Cristina Yang. Entertainment Weekly reported this week that more docs will soon be heading the way of Seattle Grace, from interns to residents.


Melissa George, formerly of Alias and In Treatment, has signed a contract with Grey’s Anatomy to play a recurring character on the show. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, George will sign on to play a love interest of one of two characters: Erica Hahn or Callie Torres. Yes, Grey’s fans, she’s playing a bisexual intern and an insider told Ausiello that Shonda Rhimes is tweaking the character to give her some long-term potential. The EW writer predicts that Melissa George’s character will show up at Seattle Grace just as Erica and Callie find happiness with each other.

The casting news doesn’t stop there. Grey’s has also cast The L Word's Janina Gavankar and newcomer Brandon Scott as interns. A new doctor will also join the staff of Seattle Grace, in the form of Battlestar Galactica's Mary McDonnell. No word on how long she’ll stay but she’s definitely hanging around for at least a few episodes.

Coming up on Grey’s, the doctors face a serious flooding problem at the hospital. The chief tries to implement his new teaching policies while George focuses on retaking his residency exam. Derek tries to get rid of Alex and Izzie, telling them to move out, so that he can be alone with Meredith. Speaking of Mer, she freaks when Derek stumbles upon her mother’s diary. Erica and Callie head out on their first date and Cristina finds a section of the hospital that no one knows about.

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