Grey's Anatomy: More Bitter Words for Katherine Heigl
Grey's Anatomy: More Bitter Words for Katherine Heigl
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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We previously reported that an Emmy-winning writer lashed out at Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl for implying in a David Letterman interview that her return to filming the ABC medical drama was marked with a 17-hour day, even in jest.

In rather late fashion, meanwhile, the verbal tirades continue for Heigl, as her Knocked Up co-star Seth Rogen said in a radio interview that saying foolish things was "her bag," in reference to a comment made by Heigl way, way back that the 2007 comedy was sexist.

"[She] probably was doing six hours of interviews and kissing everyone's a-s, and then just got tired and slipped a little bit," he said. "I gotta say it's not like we're the only people she said some bats--t crazy things about. That's kind of her bag now."

Knocked Up
director Judd Apatow noted that he was also shocked by Heigl's comments. "We never had a fight. ... She could not have been cooler," he said.

Heigl told Vanity Fair in 2008 that she thought Knocked Up was "a little sexist" as it "paints women as shrews" and men as "lovable" ultimately saying that she found it hard to love the movie.

"Our first day back was Wednesday and it was - I'm going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them - a 17-hour day, which I think is cruel and mean." Heigl told David Letterman.

For his part, Rogen was recently embroiled in a verbal tussle with some people from HBO series Entourage, after a string of jokes in a recent episode where the comedian was called "ugly" but "oddly fascinating." Rogen lashed back at the Entourage creator and called him a moron.

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