Grey's Anatomy: Kidneys, Methods, and Pants
Grey's Anatomy: Kidneys, Methods, and Pants
Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured a pretty impressive surgery, which involved just about every doctor at Seattle Grace. Planned out by Bailey, 6 people needed a kidney transplant and they would all be performed at the same time, involving 12 patients total. What Bailey failed to check before admitting these patients is their dysfunctional family backgrounds. One man was so desperate to reconnect with his estranged son that he offered him $10,000 to donate his kidney to him and spend a few days with him in the hospital. Another man was cheating on his wife with another donor and when she found out, she nearly walked. Despite those massive issues, not to mention Meredith dropping a kidney on the floor, everyone survived and Seattle Grace started climbing back to the top of the national hospital rankings.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that sometimes, I think Derek is a jerk.  His behavior and ego over his clinical trials, which was Meredith's idea in the first place, seriously bothered me.  Just because someone is a resident or new to a field doesn't mean that they can't make a big impact or contribution.  The fact that he left her in the dark while he stood solo in the spotlight is very telling about their relationship.   All of this time, I thought that Meredith mostly contributed to the unhealthy nature of their relationship but I'm starting to throw a little blame McDreamy's way. 

Oh, and when I wasn't wrinkling my nose in disgust at Derek's attitude, I was cringing at Mark and Callie yelling out their catch phrase of the episode, "Take your pants off!"  In no way do I find it sexy or classy that Callie felt the need to engage in sexual relations with Mark in order to be good for Erica.  Erica is obviously none the wiser but should she find out how Callie ended up becoming more comfortable without her clothes on, I doubt she'd appreciate it.  This is just one relationship that's been doomed from the start and if it doesn't end when Melissa George starts on Grey's at Sadie, a new bisexual intern, she'll surely put that last nail in the coffin.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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