Grey's Anatomy: Just Who The Heck Does Sadie Think She Is?
Grey's Anatomy: Just Who The Heck Does Sadie Think She Is?
I'd like to start things off today by asking a few simple questions of Grey's Anatomy: Why do Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, and Alex all have the same shift and always walk into Seattle Grace together?  Since when is George not friends with anyone anymore?  When did Lexie become such a rebel?  What is it about Callie that makes Mark act like a half decent guy?  And just who the heck does Sadie think she is?  If last night's episode of Grey's left you feeling a little disconnected, you're not the only one.  Sadie showed up out of thin air, barging into Meredith's house and blurting out inside jokes that no one got.  These two must have been pretty great friends since Mer basically seemed to let her get away with murder.

Let's start with barging into Meredith's room.  It's bad enough that Derek has to get kicked out of his own bed in his own room in the house he shares with Meredith every day by Cristina but now he's got to deal with someone else too.  A stranger at that!  Cristina didn't like it anymore than Derek did but least now somebody else knows how he feels.  Neither Meredith nor Sadie would explain the inside jokes that sent them into fits of hysterical laughter and anyone would feel left out the way these two were acting.

At the hospital, a man is rushed to the emergency room after being crushed in a garbage truck.  I'll ignore the fact that many of the doctors seemed a little too excited about this human pretzel and get right to Sadie.  If you looked around the room when they brought the man in, there were residents and attendings everywhere: Callie, Mark, Derek, Meredith, and so on.  What was Sadie, who is an intern, doing in the room with them?  There was no sign of Lexie or any other interns who have been around a lot longer. 

Then, Sadie crashed the Life and Death Brigade, the secret society where interns practice on themselves in order to become better at surgery.  She barged in, threw her shirt off, grabbed a scalpel, and cut herself!  When she asked who wanted to stitch her up, there wasn't a guy in the room who didn't raise their hand.  If Lexie was annoyed, it wasn't for long because next week, she'll step way over the line with her when they try to take out an intern's appendix. 

I think it's about time that somebody let Sadie know her place and if I know Seattle Grace like I think I do, I'll put money on Cristina or Bailey to make that happen!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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