Grey's Anatomy: Isaiah Washington Defends Brooke Smith
Grey's Anatomy: Isaiah Washington Defends Brooke Smith
Last week, Grey’s Anatomy shocked the press and fans of the show with the abrupt dismissal of Brooke Smith, who played Dr. Erica Hahn. Erica had become a love interest for Dr. Callie Torres (played by Sara Ramirez) but Callie was unsure whether she was ready to jump full force into a lesbian relationship. ABC made the decision for them, cutting the storyline completely and refusing to give Erica Hahn a proper goodbye. She was last seen walking out of Seattle Grace after arguing with Callie about their relationship as well as the hospital’s protocol for dealing with Izzie Stevens after she stole a heart for Denny Duquette. Many felt that Brooke’s firing was unnecessary and a former cast member of the show, Isaiah Washington, has jumped to her defense.

If anyone knows something about being abruptly released from a primetime television show, it’s Washington. In 2006, his contract was not renewed after he used homophobic language about cast member T.R. Kniwgh while on set with Patrick Dempsey. He called Smith’s firing “disgusting” and didn’t stop there.

"I looked at a brilliant actress, whom I have adored since I first saw her in Silence of the Lambs. For her to be treated this way, I find very interesting,” he told TV Guide. “The fact is that, just before the holidays, you have a mother, a wonderful actress removed from a steady income without the proper reasoning behind it... You look at the way another consummate professional is being treated because her character, her storyline has potentially made producers uncomfortable.”

However, Washington blames the network, not show creator Shonda Rhimes for the firing. He calls the position that she has been put in “extremely unfair”. He said that he once found the show to be one of the most progressive on television but thinks ABC is tearing that apart. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t accept a paycheck from the show or the network. When asked if he would reprise his role as Dr. Preston Burke, he answered: “Absolutely.”

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: TV Guide, OK Magazine
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