'Grey's Anatomy': Is Owen Cheating on Cristina?
'Grey's Anatomy': Is Owen Cheating on Cristina?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In increasingly strained marriage between Owen and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy reached a new level this week when Cristina revealed her suspicions that Owen is having an affair with a nurse.

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This episode brilliantly refused to supply an answer to this mystery, instead making it all about Cristina's suspicions. Is Owen actually having an affair with the smoking hot nurse played by Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Summer Glau? Or is it all in her head? Let's look at the evidence on both sides.

Owen Is Having an Affair

Clue #1: The nurse in question is played by Summer freaking Glau. How could any man resist? Plus, she's a fairly notable guest star, yet her character didn't say a single word for the entire episode. This suggests to me that she'll be back for a much bigger role throughout the end of the season, You don't cast an actress like Glau as a mute red herring, you cast her as the other woman.

Clue #2: Cristina's used her spy skills to get information from her fellow doctors, and Alex revealed that Glau's nurse only goes after attending, while April told Cristina that she changed her schedule to work trauma cases at night, with Owen's approval.

Clue #3: Owen ended the episode by immediately jumping into the shower when he got home. I've seen enough TV shows and movies to know that when a man comes home late and goes right into the shower, he's trying to hide the smell of sex and another woman's perfume.

Owen Is NOT Having an Affair

Clue #1: Cristina's patient of the week was a man who thought he had a romantic connection with a barrista, but in reality, she had no idea who he was. It was all in his head, and since, at Seattle Grace, the patient is always a psychological reflection of the doctor, it suggests Cristina is also just reading into the situation.

Clue #2: He's Owen Hunt. The show has done a great job establishing him as a man always trying to do the right thing. He's an honorable guy, and having an affair seems so wildly out of character for him that it's impossible to believe.

Verdict: No Affair

While I think/hope Summer Glau will be back for several more episodes (maybe even one where she gets to speak!), cheating on his wife just does not seem like something Owen would ever do. He might want to, he might even think about it, but the character we've grown to know and love would never actually do it.

What do you think? Is Owen sleeping with the Terminator Nurse or is it all in Cristina's head?

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