Grey's Anatomy: How Can Izzie Go Back Now
Grey's Anatomy: How Can Izzie Go Back Now
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The big reveal of the episode last week on Grey's Anatomy was that Izzie was fired (by way of a script, no less, from a bitchy HR person who bossed the chief of surgery around). We all know prior that she did ask for something like a five-week break from Grey's for a movie and new baby Naleigh so sooner or later, her character Izzie Stevens would somehow take some time off herself.

How did Shonda and the other Grey's people execute this little timeout? They made Izzie kill (sort of) a patient awaiting kidney transplant partly because of the pressure of Mercy West competition and partly because she was still reeling from some harsh things, namely George's death and cancer. The question that begs asking now is this: how will they get Izzie to go back now? A corollary would be: where did she go and what did Alex do to deserve a little note telling him she left?

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Justin Chambers, as Karev, did an amazing job reporting the bad news to Mer and Cristina (to hug or not to hug). And it's true that the chief did mention that Karev was one of the people who questioned Izzie's stamina in terms of her work. That being said, however, is there a possible way to get Izzie Stevens back to the program of Seattle Grace without sacrificing authenticity? Sure, they can snap and say "Recession over!" and hire back the people they fired, but will Grey's Anatomy fans just as easily bite into that quickie plot fix as they did (or didn't) her cancer-justifying-Denny-ghost-sex storyline?

One thing's for sure. Izzie's character has become the hotbed of insanity on Grey's Anatomy. She was introduced as the perky, optimistic side to contrast with the dark and gloomy Meredith and Cristina. With all the harsh things that happened to her, she has grown less perky over the seasons - although she did show that naïve side, trusting one of the Mercy West newbies with the key code - and last week she reached a breaking point. Without so much as a hey, she left Karev a note saying that she's gone, no frills and whatever's, she's just gone.

Or will Izzie be back at all?

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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