Grey's Anatomy: Four Video Sneak Peeks of Episode 5.17 "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
Grey's Anatomy: Four Video Sneak Peeks of Episode 5.17 "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
It has been ages and ages and ages since we've had a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Sure, we sometimes get annoyed by these supremely self-involved doctors, but you know you can't stay away.

Let me bring you up to speed about the goings-on at Seattle Grace Hospital.  Izzie has finally figured out that she has a serious illness, and she is having her interns figure out what is wrong with her through her "Patient X" case study.  Derek lost an aneurysm patient he shouldn't have lost, and upset by his mistake, he beat the crap out of Mark who confessed to him that he was sleeping with Little Grey.  Both Callie and Bailey have developed an interest in pediatrics surgery, both for very different reasons, and George finally started to get more than two seconds on screen.

Read on to see four sneak peeks at tonights episode, entitled "I Will Follow You Into the Dark."

Clip #1: “No judging”

By far, my favorite male-female friendship on Grey's Anatomy, Callie and Mark (Sara Ramirez and Eric Dane) have loads of on-screen chemistry together.  In this clip, Mark is still recovering from his fistfight with Derek at the end of the last episode.  Callie does her best to avoid contact with Arizona Robbins, after her indiscretion at Joe's bar.

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Clip #2: “Izzie's not the new O'Malley”

This clip perfectly represents how passive-aggressively bitchy all of the characters on Grey's Anatomy truly are.  Cristina (Sandra Oh), who needs minions to do her crap work, muses that Izzie is becoming the "new O'Malley" (as in, falling behind the rest), while Richard (James Pickens Jr.) gets snippy with Bailey (Chandra Wilson), whose hairdo is just fabulous, about her decision to do a peds fellowship.  Professional, much?

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Clip #3: “Shock her and save her or shock her and kill her?”

The cowboy studs of medicine, Alex (Justin Chambers) and Major McHottie (Kevin McKidd) have a trauma patient today who is suffering from a grand mal seizure.  She is not responding to the meds they gave her and going into defib.  Using the paddles could save her, or it could kill her.  As Major McHottie has demonstrated time and time again, he jumps right into action in order to save lives, not wasting a moment to think things through.  I'm sure this is what he was accustomed to doing in Iraq; I wonder how it will work out for him this time.

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Clip #4: “They told me my death rate”

Now, in the wallowing-in-self-pity portion of the episode, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) takes center stage.  Derek sees that the patients he lost outnumbers those he has saved, and because of that, he is ready to hand in his scalpel.  Meredith, the voice of reason here, tries to remind him that most of the patients he lost were terminal cases and were going to die anyway, but there's no stopping Derek when he gets into a mood like this.

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Don't forget to tune into ABC tonight for Grey's Anatomy at 9pm.  Then come back to read my recap of the episode!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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