Grey's Anatomy Finale Preview
Grey's Anatomy Finale Preview
The finale of Grey’s Anatomy is just a few weeks away and already a lot of information has leaked from the byways of Hollywood as to just what to expect from the episode titled “Didn’t we Almost Have it all?”  Will Cristina and Burke make it to the altar?  Which interns will pass, and which will fail?  Will Jane Doe ever discover her identity? Will Addison still be around after her soul searching trip to California?  And who will be named the new Chief of Seattle Grace?  

According to the various sources collected at, the finale is going to be a roller coaster event.  ABC has released the preliminary press release but has not indicated a guest cast at this point, so be on the look out for some stunt casting.

On the matter of Cristina and Burke’s wedding, it does happen in this episode but nowhere near the ideal ceremony that Christina had in mind.  In fact, every aspect of it goes against what she had hoped.  Will she be a runaway bride?  No solid info out there for that, but it would not be surprising.

Kate Walsh as Addison is listed on the cast list for the finale, so it is a safe bet if she announces her departure from Seattle Grace, it will be in the finale.

Jane Doe will finally get her hubby!   He will have assumed she ran away from him, and it will turn out that this may be the case.  So the drama is far from over for Jane Doe.  The role of her husband has not, as I mentioned, been announced yet so I would look for a name of same higher level to be taking on this role.

 No word out there on how the chief race will end up, but can you see the Grey’s writers side stepping the dramatic possibilities of giving the position to Derek?  I mean he has been warned repeatedly that the job would eat him alive, it seems like a waste of dialog not to see him put against that challenge next year.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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