Grey's Anatomy Finale Predictions
Grey's Anatomy Finale Predictions
With a title like “Didn’t we Almost Have it All” it would seem that the Grey’s Anatomy finale is going to be loaded with disappointments of the fashion that leave scars of regret, but the question is … for whom?  With Burke and Christina’s wedding looking to be on a shaky foundation, particularly from Burke’s point of view, it seems like the major threaded element that is due to take a dive.  OR, it may be the big red herring to keep all us guessers from sniffing out the smaller, yet still substantial, looming break ups and let downs.  Read on for spoiler infused speculation.

So the big question is, who is it that is going to be saying “Didn’t we Almost Have it All” in the end?   Will it Meredith and Derek?   Will Derek have the chief opportunity and accept it in the face of the fact that the jobs demands will undoubtedly drive him farther away from Meredith?

Or will Burke, as I predicted, pull a runaway groom at the out of control wedding next week?  He’s certainly expressed enough cold feet to induce frost bite.

One rumor suggests a major decision is going to be made between George and Callie.  Probably of the separation variety, perhaps of the divorce variety.

Then there is Jane Doe.  She will be reunited with her husband, and will finally get a name.  Will that reunion draw questions that will have an impact on a certain intern?

In addition, of course there is Addison.  The ABC upfronts will be done by the time the Grey’s finale airs, so we will know for sure whether “Private Practice” is officially a go or not, and if it is we can expect to see Addison tendering her resignation, which will naturally carry some very large personal consequences for McSteamy as well.

What if all of these predictions came true? Could the writers and producers be eyeing a massive interpersonal reboot?  Perhaps the real question is whether or not Grey’s Anatomy, at the height of its popularity, would need such a huge upset to keep its audience interested.  One thing is for sure, this fan can’t wait to find out.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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