Grey's Anatomy Finale - Didn't we Almost Have it All? Live Thoughts
Grey's Anatomy Finale - Didn't we Almost Have it All?  Live Thoughts
Grey's Anatomy ends it's third season tonight by tying up several loose ends, and no doubt setting the stage for next season's drama.  Burke and Christina are getting married, or are they?  Derek and Meredith will either sink, or swim.  A new chief will be named, Jane Doe gets a name, and more!  Keep refreshing for updates!

  • Meredith is pushing Christina to calm the wedding nerves.  She opens up and admits that the wedding is symbolic of her hope in her own romantic ventures.
  • Dr. Webber's estranged wife comes in and is pregnant.
  • Burke is tied up in surgery trying to save a pregnant woman.  Christina tries to muscle in on the action, but is sent home.   The pre-wedding jitters are showing.
  • Derek works on some climbers who came in under some suspicious circumstances.
  • McSteamy is not going to be chief.
  • Derek tells Meredith he met a good looking girl and flirting with her was the highlight of his week.  Nice guy.
  • Jane Doe now has a name.,  Rebecca!   Her hubby shows up, seems like a nice guy.  No doubt this is going to get a lot more complicated.
  • Addison is turned down for Chief.  Phew,... I was worried about "Private Practice" for a second there!  Doc Webber tells her that if she needs a job to give her a life she either needs a new job, or a new life.  From the looks of ABC's fall schedule, she is going to go for both!
  • Callie confronts George.  She wants a baby.
  • Burke's mother is being overbearing.  She loves how Christina is conforming to the families values.   Thinks she should do something about the eyebrows.
  • Speaking of Burke.  He is not Chief either.  He does try out his wedding vows on the woman in surgery with him, they love em.
  • George agrees to do the baby thing.
  • Alex and Jeff meet up.  Alex is unimpressed.  Wants to know why it took him so long to try to find her.  He says that he figures Rebecca left him.  Jeff admits they pretty much have a bad relationship.
  • Wow.  Callie is Chief of Residents.  Didn't even see that coming.
  • Flashback to Derek's meeting with Webber. This isn't going to be pretty.
  • Izzie corners George and lays it out.  She is in love with him.  Before he can respond the room starts filling.
  • All of the interns passed.  Woot.
  • The moment of truth for Rebecca and Alex.  She has been discharged. Finally, it looks like the love connection is acknowledged.  Alex backs down.
  • Meredith is telling Derek he should break up with her rather than flirt with other women.  Derek says that he feels like he doesn't matter.  He asks her to end it if she isn't truly in love with him.  She doesn't take him up on it.
  • At the wedding Burke and Derek talk for a moment.  Burke doesn't grab him by the throat.
  • Turns out George did not pass his internship!  He has to either walk away or start over.
  • Callie tells Izzie that her and George want to have a baby.
  • Burke waits for Christina who is freaking out.  He winds up walking into the waiting room and backs out of the wedding!
  • The new interns show up as George is clearing out his locker.
  • Turns out that Derek got the chief position after all but turned it down.
-Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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