Grey's Anatomy finale depresses its fans
Grey's Anatomy finale depresses its fans
There are good season finales, there are bad season finales, and then there was last night's Grey's Anatomy finale.  The episode couldn't really be called “bad”, because it wasn't.  It felt like vintage Grey's Anatomy, save for the fact that it ended in a horribly depressing manner.  The reaction across the internet has been bizarre.  The quality of the episode hasn't been called into question nearly as much as how the episode left most of the characters in a depressing state.

You can read about exactly what happened in the episode here in our recap.  One of the big questions, though, is how tough should a TV series like Grey's treat their characters in a season finale?  The only character to really leave the episode on any semblance of a high note was Addison Montgomery, but she's leaving for her own spin-off, Private Practice.

The season finale has always been a tricky little beast.  Often, producers and writers will want to put their characters in some sort of peril that gives way to a suspenseful, summer-long cliffhanger.  Other times, they'll resolve a season-long conflict.  Sometimes, it is a combination.  However, the series finales that are truly successful always seem to have an uplifting note at the end of their finales (unless it is a pure cliffhanger). 

For instance, look at last night's season finale of The Office.  For Office fans, you really couldn't ask for a more perfect hour of television to end the season.  Plot twists, reveals, humor, and a final moment that was sure to put a smile on any viewer's face; again, you could not have asked for a better, more invigorating finale.  

Grey's was a total letdown.  Not in quality, mind you, but in the way it treated the characters.  Nothing went right, everything was a disaster, and we all now must wait until next year to watch the crew from Seattle Grace sift through their personal wreckage.  It's going to be a long few months for Grey's fans.

What do all you fans think?  Should they have ended the season differently?  How would you have ended it?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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