'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So the season seems to be moving right along and last night's outing, "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)", was an example of solid, if not spectacular, storytelling.  I felt like it was a transitional episode - setting up story for the rest of the season - as four of our characters were pretty much coming apart at the seams, albeit for vastly different reasons.

Meredith Grey

Meredith has a problem that makes other doctors rather envious:  the opportunity to be a part of not just one but TWO potentially groundbreaking medical trials.  Just as she's settling in to working with husband Derek on the Alzheimer's study, Richard decides to resurrect the work of her late mother, Ellis Grey, and pursue a major treatment for diabetes.  Meredith struggles for the entire episode as she ponders everything from her relationship to her mother to where her loyalties should lie to what she ultimately wants to accomplish with her life and career.  I thought she made the right choice:  giving Richard her blessing to pursue her mother's work, but choosing to stick with Derek to seek a cure for her mother's disease.  Meredith is still finding her footing professionally, but this trial seems to really speak to her in a profound way.

Lexie Grey

Meanwhile, Meredith's half-sister, Lexie, is unraveling completely.  Their father, Thatcher Grey, has been admitted to the hospital with mysterious symptoms.  Is he rejecting the liver Meredith gave him last year to save his life?  Worse, who is the "tattooed skank" by his side professing her love and devotion?  Of course, in due time Lexie realized that she was the one with issues.  She was terrified that her father was getting sick again (it was a kidney stone, his liver was fine). She was still mourning the loss of her mother (who died a few years back from a freak medical complication) and, thus, was having difficulty accepting the new woman (who was about her own age!) in her father's life.  Most of all, she was reeling from her latest breakup with Mark whom she still loves deeply and misses terribly.

 It was lovely to see Meredith supporting Lexie in a sincere way, even telling her (for the first time I can recall) that she loves her but Lexie needs to get it together.  I'm also intrigued by Jackson.  Sent on a reconnaissance mission by Mark, he ended up being drawn to Lexie.  He kept quite about the things she told him in confidence.  Are his intentions noble or self-serving?  Is this the start of something for Lexie and Jackson?  Only time will tell and what irony if Mark set the whole thing in motion himself .

Callie Torres

In the evening's comic relief, Callie was clashing with both Arizona and Mark over coffee.  This was both a literal conflict and a metaphor for the way they've been trying to micromanage every aspect of Callie's pregnancy.  I have to say, I was elated when Callie let them have it at the end telling them in no uncertain terms that while they get to express their opinions, she's the one carrying the child, so the final say is hers.  YES!

Lucy Fields

Lose the quizzical look.  That's the new Fellow in OB/GYN.  She clashed with Alex Karev in an anvil-like way (after she had a Very Bad Experience with a patient and he shot his mouth off...again) with them Reaching an Understanding before she turned him down flat when he asked her out for a drink.  I was fearful of Izzie 2.0 (this chick looks A LOT like the former Mrs. Karev) but the actress playing her has been cast in the new Charlie's Angels pilot, so I will hold my reservations at bay for the time being.  She probably won't be around for long. Just as well.  I love Alex in pediatrics.  By his own admission he often says the wrong thing, but he also cares deeply for his patients.  I want to see him as a doctor.  He can find love later.

Quote of the Episode

Regular readers of this column know I don't care much for Teddy, but the girl is on a roll.  Following up last week's gem "Oh, god, he got to you, too?" when told Arizona was having a baby with Mark, Dr. Altman threw another zinger Arizona's way.  "For someone who has a history of ambivalence towards motherhood, you've got the whole guilt thing down cold."  Hee.

Scene of the Night

Callie and Owen spent a good deal of the episode literally trying to put a patient back together.  Trouble was, this patient was an idiot who almost killed himself for no good reason.  I loved it when Owen put the guy firmly in his place in what was also a scathing commentary on the self-absorption and search for celebrity that permeates our culture.  Explaining why a man who died was better off than this guy, Owen could barely contain his contempt when he said, "Well, that guy...he threw himself in front of a grenade to save six other soldiers.  He didn't launch himself into a brick wall so that the Internet could laugh at him."

The next all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Golden Hour" airs next Thursday, February 17 on ABC.

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