'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: This Week's Theme is Moving On
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: This Week's Theme is Moving On
After watching Grey's Anatomy last night I was trying to gather my thoughts in an effort to write this column.  Some weeks that's a fairly easy process.  Other weeks?  Not so much.  So I found myself thinking out loud and pondering how Meredith's voiceover echoed and supported the not-so-subtle episode title: "Push".   That's when my husband piped up and said, "I think this week's theme is about moving on..."  And it immediately struck me that he was right.  

So there are two complementary ideas at work in this episode:  people pushing themselves to be better, pushing themselves to change and grow and take risks, both professionally and personally, while simultaneously having the courage to move on from their pasts and venture into new, uncharted, really scary territory.  Even better, this episode was, to quote Owen Hunt, "old school".  So those themes were developed through the classic Grey's Anatomy framework of medical cases paralleling the surgeons' lives layered with the usual romantic entanglements and  healthy doses of friendship and humor thrown into the mix.

The showcased storyline was a "friendly professional competition" between Owen and Richard.  It was a highly complex case involving a very, very large tumor.  Both doctors were inspired by the recent visit of Harper Avery to push themselves to a new level as surgeons.  In addition Richard seemed to be making a real effort to move on and pursue his new role as "Not Chief Anymore" (meaning general surgeon and researcher) with vigor.  They ended up working together in the end and even though I saw that coming I didn't care because all of the players were at their comedic best, none more so than the luminous and hilarious Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang. How funny was Cristina first spying for Owen and then "flipping" to Richard at the first opportunity?  Check out the following exchanges:

Owen: " 'I'm with Weber?' Why did you push me to do it in the first place?"
Cristina: "Now you'll know what your plan is, and what his plan is."
Owen: "Wait, wait. You're going to spy on him? That's... That's cheating."
Cristina: "You're adorable when you're slow."
Owen: "You have a dark, dark mind."

Or later as Cristina approaches Richard and Owen with Jackson in tow....

Cristina:  "Jackson AVERY.  Put him on our team."
Owen: "Hey!  Are you stacking the deck again?  You're a spy and don't think I don't know it..."
Richard:  "And who started that boulder rolling down the hill?"
Cristina:  "OK, OK, OK....I'm Switzerland in this moment.  All I'm saying is that whoever gets the surgery should use him."
Jackson:  "Use me for what?"
Owen:  "He's a liability.  Avery's not going to give the award to his own grandson."
Cristina:  "He won't be name a contributor.  It'll just get mentioned over Thanksgiving that he worked on a tumor the size of a POSSUM!"
Meredith (approaching):  "What's going on?"
Jackson: "They're fighting over me.  Or more the idea of me.  I don't really think...."
Cristina (interrupting):  "He's Harper Avery bait."

Now I don't know about you, but that scene makes me laugh-out-loud.  Seriously.  And when Cristina gives her PSA for the Harper Avery Foundation (www dot nepotism dot...)?  Priceless.  OK.  Moving on (pun intended)...

Next we've got Mark Sloan trying to put his Ladies' Man ways behind him.  When he tells Callie that he's lonely she reminds him that things didn't work out with Lexie not because of him per se but rather because he and Lexie are in two very different stages of their lives.  Then she very wisely suggests that he seek out someone his own age who wants the same things (marriage, children) that he does.  This leads to a pretty hilarious scene between Mark and Teddy, who seems to fit all of his criteria and, frankly, has some serious Moving On of her own to do.  After getting off on the wrong foot, she agrees to go out to lunch with him.  But when Lexie learns that Mark truly is moving on without her, she's devastated. 

Then there's Bailey.  New Guy, cutie-pie anesthesiologist Ben Warren, is cooking her dinner ...at his home.  Where, as Callie says (she gives a lot of advice in this episode), he keeps his bed. What follows is a riotous series of events involving expectations for the third date, faux lunchtime errands (love, love, love the Bailey/Derek friendship), and preparing the surgical field.  If you don't know what that means, then you didn't watch the episode.  I'm hopeful things will work out for Miranda.  She could use a little lovin'.

Finally, let's talk about Callie.  She's finally gotten herself together.  She's happy.  She and Arizona have been the Golden Couple on the show as of late.  Callie even remarks about their wonderful life, their wonderful relationship and how everyone wants to be them.  But then the other shoe drops as we find out that while both Callie and Arizona envision a long-term future together, Callie wants children and Arizona does not.  Uh, oh.  There's trouble in paradise.  Will this be a deal breaker?  Only time will time. 

The next new episode of Grey's Anatomy (6.18: "Suicide is Painless") is scheduled to air on Thursday, March 25 on ABC. 

-Janalen Riccinto Samson, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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