'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Reviewing Perfect Little Accident
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Reviewing Perfect Little Accident
So we're officially two-thirds through the sixth season of Grey's Anatomy.  With sixteen down and eight to go one realizes that not every episode is a barn-burner.  In some episodes a lot happens and in others not so much.  This was a "transitional" episode: an episode in which, in lieu of big things, lots of little things happen to move our characters from one point to another.
Jackson Avery 

Were you surprised to discover that Jackson Avery (the one Mercy-Wester I think we can safely say is a "keeper") is the grandson of Harper Avery?  THE Harper Avery?  Of the Harper Avery Award?  I thought this was a nice little twist.  While being an Avery certainly must have had its advantages along the way, I imagine Grandpa casts a pretty big shadow as well.  Jackson clearly feels very conflicted about his storied lineage and who better to help him work through it than Meredith Grey, daughter of surgical legend, Ellis Grey?  One of the things I like most about Grey's right now is how much Meredith has grown and matured.  While she both feels Jackson's pain and sees his point, she also has the life experience and common sense to point out that while having a really famous relative isn't something you can control, how you deal with it is.  Her advice is to make the best of it.  And, of course, having lost her own mother, Meredith looks at things from a different perspective than Jackson does.  Having lost my own father, I can say with certainty that the loss of a parent changes you irrevocably.  And the loss of a grandparent is no small thing either.  I was glad to see Jackson make the decision to let his grandfather into his life and to learn from him while he still has the chance.

Mark, Teddy, and Richard

I grouped these three together because, essentially, they are currently in the same boat.  Things haven't worked out quite the way they planned and they're all trying to move on despite difficult circumstances. 

Mark is dealing with the double-whammy of getting dumped by Lexie and having his pregnant daughter walk out of his life just as suddenly as she entered it, deciding to give up her baby for adoption in the process.  Devastated by this turn of events, Mark returns to his womanizing ways.  Luckily BFF Callie is there to give him two choices:  keep going on this path and have a miserable, empty, shallow life or "man-up" and seek out, indeed make, a better life for himself, including the family he so desperately wants.  I'm not always a fan of this character, but I'll admit to being intrigued to see where this is going next.  What will Mark choose and can he managed to "pull it off"?

Teddy is trying to "unring the bell".  She's realized that (ironically) Cristina is a wonderful student for her to teach.  She's realized that romance with Owen is Not Going to Happen.  And she's realized that her unrequited love for Owen has basically wrecked their friendship.  Yet, despite trying to move forward, she's still mooning over Dr. Hunt.  Arizona calls her on the longing, the pining, the sadness, and the angst and basically tells her to Get a Grip!  Dr. Robbins offers both friendship and an invitation for Girls' Night Out in an effort to help Teddy Snap Out of It!  Since we know that Teddy is staying on, here's hoping for a professional relationship with Cristina, a salvaged friendship with Owen, and new storyline direction for Dr. Altman in the very near future.

Richard is back at work not as the Chief of Surgery but as an Attending in General Surgery.  One of the conditions of his employment is mandatory drug/alcohol screening.  It's been quite a fall for Richard Webber.  But an interesting turn of events gets him back in the OR again operating on the aforementioned Harper Avery, dealing honestly with his urges to drink when stressed, and even reconsidering the research project he'd pretty much abandoned due to his responsibilities as chief.  I was proud of Richard for working his way through his anxieties and challenges on his first day back.  I was proud of Derek for pushing Richard to stay in the game when things got dicey and for acknowledging the progress Richard has made.  I'm also wondering if losing his job may be one of the best things that could have happened to Richard.  Only time will tell.

Wrapping Things Up

I wish I had time to talk more about Cristina and Meredith or Bromance or Alex or Lexie, but I don't. So here's just one final thought.  For an episode where not much happened, quite a lot happened. Just like in our real lives.  Our lives aren't really about big, life-changing events.  The bulk of our lives are lived in the little things...the ordinary day-to-day moments and habits and experiences that shape our days and our months and our years and move us from one point to another.  So pay attention, because your life is going on all around you, all the time. 

-Janalen Riccinto Samson, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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