'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: One Foot in Front of the Other
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: One Foot in Front of the Other
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

So here's the thing. Every episode can't be a barn burner. Not possible. Grey's Anatomy has been on a real hot streak as of late. If you count the season 6 finale there were basically five crackerjack episodes in a row, but that trend has now ended. 

To be fair, there wasn't anything really wrong with "Can't Fight Biology." It wasn't horrible and it wasn't wonderful. It was ... fine. It was one of those transitional episodes that moves things along without setting the world on fire. I actually believe that in retrospect it will hold up pretty well. It suffers a bit by immediate comparison to the latest episodes but will rebound over time because it's still a tremendous improvement over the erratic season 6. In that spirit, let's concentrate on the major developments.

The Twisted Sisters are Still a Mess

One of the trademark GA storytelling devices is the "patient case as parallel to the doctors' lives." This week the "patient anvils," as I've heard them called, were even heavier than usual.  Meredith was dealing with a patient with Huntington's disease (which ranks right up there with ALS, in my opinion, as one of the most awful ways one could die), which stirs up her anxiety that she will have Alzheimer's disease like her mother before her. This coupled with the news that she has a "hostile uterus" and may never be able to carry a child to term makes for a very stressful day. Thankfully, Derek is wise as he suggests that they stop worrying about the future and "just live." Together.

In the meantime, Cristina is dealing with a patient who ingested worms in the name of research. I'm leaving it at that because you either watched the show and already know the details or you didn't watch the show and you are, therefore, on your own. Anyway, Cristina is still struggling mightily with her PTSD, but it's clear that the patient's impassioned speech about hanging on to what matters most to you had an effect on her. And she and Owen will be living in a renovated firehouse. Random, I know, but that last scene where it's revealed that she doesn't much care where they live but she bought the house because Owen loves it and she loves him? Kill me now. Sigh.

Karev Finally Gets a Story

I know that Alex Karev can act like a jerk sometimes (OK, a lot of the time), but cut the guy some slack, OK? We know by now that a lot of Alex's bravado is a defense mechanism to mask the pain and hurt in his hidden heart of gold. I really do love him, so it was nice to see him have a story. I'm not quite sure the writers knew what to do with him at first in a post-Izzie GA. My theory is that Katherine Heigl's abrupt departure last season threw his story into temporary chaos, but my hope is that we will now have the pleasure of watching Alex work in pediatrics, his chosen specialty. I'm also hoping he'll cool it a bit on the romance front, because in my opinion Alex needs a breather. He needs to heal (from being shot and from losing Izzie), and he needs to focus on being a doctor for awhile. There, I've said it. No new chicks for Karev for the time being.

It's Getting Crowded in Here and the Downside of Being Pretty

Finally, there were crowds galore in this episode. Alex, Lexie, April and Jackson are all living at Meredith and Derek's house. Crowded!  Mark isn't with Lexie and is overcompensating by spending a lot of time with BFF, Callie. Arizona's not pleased. Crowded! Meredith appears to be all chummy with April now at the expense of her relationship with half-sister, Lexie. Bottom line: Lexie's jealous. Crowded! In fact, the only times where a crowd works wondrously are those awesome group scenes, another GA storytelling construct that I love. Pretty much any scene with Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Lexie, April and Jackson is comedic gold. And, speaking of Jackson, how sad and kind of pathetic was it that Jackson Avery felt so insecure that he resorted to faux-flirting with Teddy(!) to get ahead in the OR? We learned last season that Jackson resented being underestimated because of his looks, but in a pinch he played the Hot Resident card, only to see the error of his ways.

What's coming next? I haven't a clue, but I'm eager to find out. The next episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Almost Grown," airs next Thursday, Oct. 21 on ABC.

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