'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Nighttime Meditations
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Nighttime Meditations
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
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How do you keep things fresh? It feels repetitive for me to gush, once again, how truly excellent season 7 of Grey's Anatomy is turning out to be, but there it is. There's no getting around it. Nine episodes into this resurgent year, I'm running out of superlatives to describe the creative renaissance GA is exhibiting.

"Slow Night, So Long" was another terrific outing that gave the entire ensemble a chance to shine while playing with the show's format in an unusual way. The entire episode took place over a period of roughly 12 hours as the residents worked the night shift while the attendings went out drinking. Here are my impressions of the evening.

I'm ready to see Cristina start to bounce back.

I give GA a lot of credit for telling Cristina's story in a responsible way. Translation: They've taken their time with it rather than rushing to resolve everything neatly in record time. Having said that, I'm ready to see my girl make some progress and hope it's coming soon. Has she hit rock bottom yet? My suspicion is yes, if her disastrous evening tending bar (!) is any indication. If not, she's got to be getting close, and that's a good thing because even though I know that the PTSD storyline has been written very realistically (and Sandra Oh continues to rock the house), as a viewer I feel like it's time for some positive progress. I'm crossing my fingers.

I really love Owen Hunt.

Owen Hunt is a good surgeon, a good mentor and a good husband. I loved watching him being his professional badass self, running that ER like a champ. I loved watching him mentor Avery and counsel him personally as well as professionally. And I loved watching him collect his extremely drunk wife and (without judgment or a nasty scene in the bar) carry her home and rub her back and hold back her hair while she vomited her guts out. That, my friends, is love. He loves her no matter what. He's sticking by her no matter what. And although he may not know yet how best to help her, he's trying his best to support her unconditionally while giving her space to think and to breathe. I'm truly not sure one could ask for more than that.  What would you do if you were in his place?

I love Derek Shepherd, too.

It was kind of great that Derek watched over Cristina when Owen was called away to the hospital. It's my opinion that if Owen had been at the bar for the whole evening, things wouldn't have gotten so out of control with Cristina because Owen would have intervened. Since he couldn't be there, however, I found my heart bursting with affection for Derek as he looked after Owen's wife and Meredith's person. He's becoming a brother of sorts to Cristina and I'm digging it. Way to go, Derek. I heart you.

Mark and Callie? Seriously?

Let's be honest. The promos for this episode led us to believe that Mark and Callie would sleep together. Given the highly deceptive nature of promos, however, I was quite shocked when this actually happened. Yikes! I feel badly for the Mexie and Calzona fans, although I suppose Team Mallie is ecstatic. There's going to be fallout, though. We could already see the guilt on Callie's face and I'm totally calling a Callie pregnancy. Too predictable, you say? We'll see about that. 

Jackson Avery. That's it?

Not to minimize the emotional trauma that Jackson is clearly experiencing but ... survivor's guilt? That's it? I confess to feeling a bit of an anti-climax since he and Charles never seemed that close, and the Jackson angst has been ratcheted up over the last few episodes, but whatever. I'm willing to give it a few more weeks. In the meantime I'm on the Jackson-Lexie train. Who's with me? I think they'd be both adorable and appropriate together. Jexie? Lackson? Work with me, people!

Dr. Bailey, are you drunk?

Why, yes, she was and since this is Miranda Bailey (as played by the terrific Chandra Wilson) that meant that both hilarity and poignancy ensued. As for the scenes with Miranda and April? Hilarious. Here's hoping we see them together again.

Dr. Altman, are YOU drunk?

Turns out she was bombed out of her mind as well. I'm just not a big Teddy fan, so the best I can usually hope for is indifference to whatever she's doing and this qualifies. To be fair, she was funny both relaying her Internet dating nightmares and in her drunken meltdown but the truth is that I don't much care. I still feel like the writers are trying too hard to get me to like her. Of the 14 regular characters currently on this show, she's the one I truly feel we could lose and not miss in the slightest. There. I said it.

Meredith, Alex and The Chief aka Stark is a Jerk

I give the writers a lot of credit for creating a character as unsympathetic as Phil Stark. There's just not much to like in this condescending, rude, lazy, "weasel" of a man. On the upside, though, Alex and Meredith (love them) did a great job as surgeons and The Chief knows it. Are they, indeed, the Last Two Standing? For now. But my gut tells me that Cristina Yang will come roaring back any day now. I can hardly wait.

Gobble, Gobble

Grey's Anatomy is pre-empted next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but an all-new episode, "Adrift and at Peace," will air on Thursday, Dec. 2 on ABC.

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