'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 6.3 "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me" Recap
'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 6.3 "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me" Recap
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Mer (Ellen Pompeo) talks about paranoia on the start of Grey's Anatomy, and Cristina (Sandra Oh) has a brilliant eureka moment about peds being the only field where she'll have absolute tyrannical control over the body. Actually, it's just her way to make sure she survives the cut due to the upcoming merger. Fortunately or otherwise, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) bursts her bubble and tells her that she doesn't love kids.

It's 4 am but all the residents are up and about. Probably jittery about the merger, all of them are trying to put their best foot forward. It's absolute pandemonium.

Cristina starts to lament that her job isn't safe, too. Mer's is because of Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Alex's (Justin Chamber) is because of Bailey (Chandra Wilson) - huh? - and Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) is because of cancer. "No one's got my back," she says, so she's venturing to peds because everybody likes kids, and no one wants to see them dead. Yikes, even the nurses are frazzled. Izzie shows up her new do/wig. She's back too, like cancer-free, because even she fears for her job.

On the other hand, Sloan (Eric Dane) isn't so worried about the merger. Derek says he wants to talk to the chief (James Pickens), who has holed up in his office after announcing it on the last ep. Lexie (Chyler Leigh) bursts into the room running and stumbles and falls and drops bags of blood on her coat. "Lexie's worried," says Mark. Lexie recites past hospital mergers and the number of casualties but Sloan is still not concerned.

"Sleep is for Mercy West residents," says Cristina, who along with Meredith get to see redhead Izzie for the first time. She goes on and on about trauma, and no one can talk and the two just stare at her. She thinks it's about the hair. "She looks like a stepford wife," Cristina whispers, then Bailey comes in and picks Karev - so he really is the new Bailey favorite?

Derek goes in to see the chief about making cuts, but the chief is not in a welcoming mood. The chief, I mean. With the same booming voice, he reminds Derek that he doesn't owe him a thing. "I'm still the chief of surgery!" OK! You are!

A lady who was involved in a vehicular accident is wheeled in, along with her son, who she notes is a paranoid schizophrenic. They make weird hushed conversation and Bailey notices a mass on her abdomen. "Aliens have impregnated my mother," her son declares, and the mass on the woman's belly starts pulsating. Er, Fringe? The son of the lady with the pulsating abdomen - Tom - starts talking to the surveillance camera.

Cristina starts going on rounds with Arizona, who pins a pink bear on her coat.

Mer and Der meet in the stairs for a quick kiss and to assure each other that they'll be fine. Mer is being positive so Derek checks him for fever. Aw. "This is a crisis, right?" And she's back to her normal self.

Meanwhile, Cristina gets her first child patient and needs to play a faux hide and seek game to amuse her - right. She totally doesn't get it, and points out "she's right here" and lifts the blanket and goes straight to work. Arizona suggests that she uses Mr. Bear to interact with the kid. So Cristina goes on to make a very weird and scary bear impression. Peds fail.

Lexie is wrapping Tom's wrist, but he insists his hand is falling off. He notices that Lexie doesn't have a name tag and starts to freak out. He hurts Lexie and rushes out. Meanwhile, Izzie is with a patient when Karev interrupts to get her to take her meds.

Cristina, still with the pink bear pin, is on to their next patient and still she doesn't get it. Actually, I don't get it either. Do they need to not tell the kid that he's getting surgery? But the mother doesn't seem to know, too.

Lexie reports the case of the "missing schizophrenic" to Bailey, who don't want to hear a word of it. Lexie is turning paranoid herself. "I want Lexie back," Mark says, just when they hear noises from the lobby. Trying to evade security, Tom falls of the stairs. Her mom Jodie, who is in a wheelchair and needs to get to surgery, too, but she refuses to go because she needs to watch her son. "I have a mentally ill son, I don't get to think about myself anymore."

Callie (Sara Ramirez) is back (not in uniform obviously) to Seattle Grace to get something for a job in Oregon. She laughs the idea of Cristina being interested in peds. "She's Cristina," she simply explains, and tells her girlfriend that Cristina's just sucking up to get through to the merger. Ouch. Will she really leave Grey's? I don't buy it for one second.

Cristina meanwhile introduces the pink bear pin to Mer - "His name's Mr. Bear. He eats children." HAHA. She tells Meredith to use her dead mommy connection to get some answers from the chief. Lexie joins them and tells Cristina that she's pretty. OK, you know things are weird when people start telling Cristina she's pretty. Cristina then goes to Owen to tell the chief that she's "his guy." She then makes a joke about her being a Jewish and the "list" and goes for her first peds surgery - new-born whose hand is nearly severed. Thanks to Sloan, it was reattached eventually.

Karev is upset that Izzie is doing a five-hour surgery. He's obviously worried about her, interrupting constantly to make her take his meds and bite on a banana. "Shut up, get back to work," he then tells her afterwards. I'm really mixed about this brutal love thing Alex has with Izzie.

Lexie goes in to see Tom, who injured his spleen with the fall. He goes on to make "schizophrenia humor" and Lexie laughs - nervously. She shows him that there is no camera in his spleen and that the things that are bothering him are not real and just "scary thoughts." Hm, could he be making a breakthrough here? She then goes to Bailey and suggests that they bring both mother and son to surgery together. Tom is still adamant, so Bailey pricks herself just to show himm that she's human and she bleeds red blood. Go Bailey!

Meanwhile, mother and son go to surgery together. She is wheeled away from him, and I seriously, seriously hope the surgeries are successful. On the other surgery, it's been five hours and Izzie is sweating profusely. She asks her wig to be taken off, but she's fine.

Derek again goes to confront the chief about this whole merger thing. "I know my people," he tells him, again, and seriously, this is growing old. Also, he tells Derek that HR will be sending an email to the people who got cut. Mer = no email, so she's fine. Cristina and Alex = no email. Izzie = no email, but she could be lying since she looks nervous and fidgety after checking.

Lexie is blabbering about the operation she just did, only to find out that Meghan (who is Meghan again?) got cut. We find out that the chief just fired ¾ of Lexie's class. She goes on to check her email. And there are people saying goodbye and hauling their boxes and it's really sad. Despite not getting an email, Cristina is still very paranoid and edgy.

Lexie = no email, but crying outside in a bench. "It's pointless in the end," Mer's voiceover starts to declare, while Arizona, back at their apartment, tells Callie that she can't move to Portland because she's not a fan of long-distance relationships. She then goes on to clarify if they were really girlfriends. With a confirmation, she orders Callie to march to the chief's office to beg for her job back. Fortunately, Callie looks like she likes being bossed around.

In their trailer, Izzie tells Alex that throughout the surgery, she forgot that she has cancer and George is dead. Dutifully, Alex reminds her that she does have cancer is George is in fact dead.

FINALLY we get the baseball scene. I was starting to think they were posted by ABC by mistake. Everyone decides to have a break, despite Cristina complaining that she needs to get back to the hospital. "We're here to play baseball," says Derek, who chugs beer frat boy/caveman style. Owen puts a helmet on Cristina, who still doesn't want to play. She nearly gets hit with a ball, though, so she channels all her agitation to hitting the baseball, and she sends it flying. It's Little Grey's turn, and everyone's laughing - and we hear Mer's creepy little laugh again. I think it's growing on me.

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- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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