Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.8, "The Ties That Bind" Sneak Peek
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.8, "The Ties That Bind" Sneak Peek
Tomorrow night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy should be interesting, especially with the appearance of a new intern at Seattle Grace named Sadie (played by Melissa George). Sadie was originally intended to be a person who was very open-minded when it came to sexuality. Rumors flew that she’d jump into bed with Mark… or Callie… or maybe had even jumped into bed with her old pal Meredith in the past. Grey’s creator and executive producer may have had one idea about Sadie but ABC execs had another. They have been cutting gay storylines left and right and recently, and abruptly, fired Brooke Smith who played Dr. Erica Hahn. Read on for a look at tomorrow night’s episode, “The Ties That Bind”.

Melissa George will not be the only newcomer to Seattle this week. Academy Award nominated actress Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Gallactica, Passionfish) will also appear for a three episode arc. McDonnell plays Dr. Virginia Dixon, a well known cardiac surgeon brought in to help the hospital’s national ranking – but there’s a twist. Dr. Dixon is living with Asperger’s Syndrome. "Shonda Rhimes thought it would be interesting to have an incredibly skilled surgeon who, socially, is initially misunderstood," executive producer Betsy Beers told Entertainment Weekly.  Dr. Dixon will bring rules and order to the operating rooms of Seattle Grace which, at times, are just downright chaotic!

On tomorrow night’s episode, Meredith’s friends won’t exactly welcome Sadie with open arms.  They're very protective of their own, so we've noticed.  Lexie decides to lead the other interns in secretive, unorthodox surgical training sessions. Perhaps she should be teaming up with Dr. Owen Hunt. None of us will forget that scene with the pigs anytime soon! Oh, and speaking of Dr. Hunt, for those loving the Christina/Owen sparks that have been flying, you’ll be happy to know that Kevin McKidd has just been promoted to a series regular and won’t be leaving Seattle anytime soon!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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