Grey's Anatomy: Episode 4.7 "Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction" Recap
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 4.7 "Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction" Recap
Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) walked in on Alex (Justin Chambers) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) fooling around, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) are a team, Hahn (Brooke Smith) is the new head of cardiothoracic surgery, Richard (James T. Pickens) moves into a trailer next to Derek's (Patrick Demspey), Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and George (T.R. Knight) really wanted to have sex, but didn't.

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy begins with George and Izzie post-coitus. They are exhausted because it was evidently a very aerobic session of the sex. They get right back on the horse for round two. Derek and Meredith are also post-coitus in the trailer. She leaves to go, making Derek a very, very sad puppy dog.

Cristina (Sandra Oh) paints her walls vermilion red. A happy color, like blood.

Richard drops off his dry cleaning with Derek and makes plans to watch The Godfather with him tonight. McSteamy (Eric Dane) accuses them of dating. Richard tells Callie that, as chief resident, she's a mess and needs to clean up her act. Callie asks Bailey to cover her and be chief resident for the day.

Hahn wants Meredith for her service today to see if she inherited Ellis' surgical chops. George confides in Meredith that sex with Izzie is horrible. She's trying too hard to be porny and it's ruining it. Izzie then catches Meredith alone and complains that George kisses like a chicken pecking at her.

Now, it's time to introduce the patients of the week. Alex's (Justin patient Jerry hasn't taken a crap in five days. He needs to crap! Cristina, after being ousted Hahn's cardio service, goes to emergency and gets a woman named Teresa who fell down the stairs while carrying her baby, who suffered some mild head trauma. The baby is still breathing, but then Teresa suddenly faints and stops breathing. They page Hahn who takes over, dismissing Cristina.

George treats a young boy who swallowed a marble. He has two yuppie parents who bicker constantly. They promised anything he wanted after he got out of the hospital, and all he wants is for them to get a divorce. Sloan and Izzie have a woman who's getting a face lift who keeps pestering Izzie to stop frowning or she will end up with deep frown lines. Hahn snatches Sloan's OR because her patient, Teresa, is a more urgent case than face lift lady. Hahn's cocky attitude catches Sloan's eye. Derek treats the baby and tells Teresa's husband Sean that the baby is going to be alright. Sean reveals that they just adopted the baby and haven't named her yet.

Hahn and Meredith operate on the woman. Cristina and McSteamy watch from the gallery, completely pissed off at her pushiness and rudeness, but are really impressed by her anyway.

Lexie pages Alex to ask him to apologize to Meredith because she didn't realize that his house was also Meredith's house. Alex thinks that she paged him because she needs another sex fix in the closest on-call room. He tells her that he can't do anything about her problems with Meredith, but he is there for her when she needs sex.

At home, Izzie and George try for round three. She rips his belt off, giving him whiplash. He pecks at her lips. Things aren't going well, and they are awkwardly talk about how they can get over that. He asks her what her fantasies are and that he's game for anything. We cut to a scene in the bathroom, but apparently, there are some fantasies that are better left unfulfilled.. George thinks he chipped his tooth.

They've really performed character assassination with Callie today. All season, they had been portraying Callie as overwhelmed by her chief resident duties as well as her personal life, but she still seemed like she was trying. Today, she shirks all her duties and asks Bailey to do all her work for her, which Bailey is more than happy to do because she gets off on being the Nazi. Callie just does her surgeries, with Cristina scrubbing in, and nothing else.

Derek and McSteamy talk in the elevator. They really are a couple! McSteamy tells Derek defensively that Hahn thinks he's not a surgeon of substance because he does face lifts. Richard chides Derek that the dry cleaner didn't get the stain out, which prompts McSteamy to smirk that Derek is the chief's girlfriend.

Alex's crap man still can't crap and is even grumpier. Izzie's face lift patient worries that Izzie is going to get uglier if she keeps frowning. Lexie's patient, Teresa and Sean's baby, is ready to be released, but Sean is too upset by his wife's condition to take care of the baby. They all look for Callie to fix their problems, but Callie is in the middle of a surgery, drilling and sawing away at some poor person's bones with the music blaring. Bailey covers for Callie in front of Richard, and then once he's gone, fixes everyone's problems. One solution to Izzie's and Alex's problem is to put crap man and face lift lady in the same room to get them out of their hair. Lexie's problem isn't exactly solved, though because Sean tells her that he can't raise a child on his own and that he doesn't want to keep her.

George's marble boy comes back to the hospital after having swallowed more marbles, except this time, they were magnets, which are ripping through his stomach and internal organs. The imaging device shows one of the magnets slowly moving toward a clump of others, which Bailey describes is like a slow-moving bullet. So, they need operate on him stat.

McSteamy and Cristina watch Hahn's surgery. They bond over how there's no finesse in ortho, which they consider to be like carpentry. McSteamy says plastics has a lot of finesse even if he has to do a lot of face lifts. Cristina says that holding a heart in your hands is the best.

After their shifts are over, Meredith and Derek have sex in Derek's trailer, but he forgets that he was supposed to have dinner and a movie with Richard. Naturally, Richard walks in on them. She goes home to find Alex sexiled outside of the house because Izzie and George are inside, trying to have better sex with the help of a box of sex toys and booze. Lexie comes over to ask Alex to have a drink at Joe's. Meredith rips into her and tells her she's not allowed to have drinks with Alex or sleep with Alex, and to get her own life. She is being awfully immature about this. Lexie finally gets some gumption and tells Meredith, “Screw you.” Alex asks Meredith why she cares so much if she doesn't even consider Lexie to be her sister at all, and Meredith insists lamely that she doesn't care.

By the way, the booze and box o' fun clearly don't have enough magic to manufacture chemistry between George and Izzie. They don't sleep a wink that night, and the next morning, they rush out of bed and away from each other as fast as they can. Also having relationship woes are Richard and Derek, who bicker in the elevator at the hospital.

Alex and Izzie find crap man and face lift lady having sex with the curtains drawn. Izzie finds it unfair that even they have chemistry when she doesn't with George.

McSteamy tells Derek that he has a thing for Hahn. Richard joins them in order to have a lovers' quarrel with Derek. Their conversation makes Richard realize that Bailey has been doing all of Callie's chores and making Callie's decisions. Richard catches up with Callie and demotes her from chief resident.

Lexie sits with Sean when Meredith comes out of Teresa's surgery. Meredith tells the man that some people need more time to bond with the baby and to feel like a family. Lexie takes it to heart that there is still hope for her and Meredith, and that she should keep trying. Hahn and Meredith patch up Theresa's lungs, but there are too many leaks and she doesn't make it. Hahn gives Sean the bad news, and he just walks out of the hospital door, leaving the baby still there.

Lexie finds Alex in the lounge and asks him to meet her in the on-call room. He says he can't because he doesn't want to get involved with Lexie's problems with Meredith. Things look glum for little Lexie at this point but take a turn for the better when Sean comes back for the baby. The baby is all kinds of cute, and he names her Keisha because that's what Theresa wanted to name her. This gives Lexie hope that maybe she should go after Meredith to make their relationship work.

Richard outs Bailey for doing all of Callie's work. He says that she deserves the credit and offers her the job because what she does makes Seattle Grace run smoothly. She says that it's about time that he noticed, and then bursts into tears. She throws her arms around him, and he awkwardly pats her on the back. After her rounds, Lexie finds Meredith and tells her that she hates apples and is like a professional Etch-a-Sketch artist, she plays the trombone, and two other things about her, to make five things she now knows about her sister. Lexie makes a bee-line to Joe's bar after this and cries to Joe. Seeing her sister's misery from across the room, Meredith asks Alex to please take Lexie home, tacitly giving permission for Alex to screw her little sister. Also at the bar, McSteamy tries to make he moves on Hahn, but gets totally shut down. Alex drives Lexie home to find Thatcher drunk off his ass. Alex gets in his face about the drinking, which makes Thatcher get upset and storm into the house. Lexie asks Alex to keep this a secret from Meredith.

Callie homes to find Cristina done with her red wall. Callie tells her that she just got fired.

Richard goes home to tell Derek that he married Adele two years out of college, and admits that he doesn't know how to do things. Later, Meredith comes over to Derek's to have some more no-strings-attached sex, and this time, actually wants to stick around afterwards.

Izzie and George try it again. They tell each other that this time it was really incredible, but they know that the other is totally lying.

Eww, I fear that I'm going to have a lot of trouble recapping next week's Grey's Anatomy. The promos for next week show a patient with a pencil stuck all the way through his eye. I'm going to have nightmares about this one, people.

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