'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Suddenly'
'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Suddenly'
In this week's Grey's Anatomy (season 8 episode 10), the theme was sudden impact: how often the initial collision isn't as bad as everything that happens in the aftermath. Between the family that Meredith and Alex found scattered along the road at the beginning of "Suddenly" and Teddy's achingly slow realization that she'd lost her husband that theme could absolutely be seen weaving itself in and around the entire episode. 
This was a tough episode filled with impossible decisions and realizations and the top quotes reflect that, but don't worry--read on and you'll find there's a cherry on the top of "Suddenly" that will leave you with a smile!

Alex: Look I've been with this baby since yesterday. She almost died, I almost died. I didn't go through hell with this baby just to back off.

Owen: If that patient dies on the table this will all have been for nothing. 

Lexie: I'm sorry for hitting you. 
Julia: It's fine, my breast made a quick recovery.

Meredith: Is there anyone we can call? Who takes care of you when your parents are out of town? 
Lilly: My grandma. She's dead now. 

Teddy: Oh and um...thank you. For Henry. I'm so sorry we had to lie to you, but you were the only one I trusted to do it. 

Teddy: What is she doing up there?  
Cristina: Sorry? 
Teddy: Kepner...she's been sitting up there like a gargoyle. 

Teddy: Cristina. I need you. I need you to say it.
Cristina: Henry is dead.
Teddy: Thank you. 

Bailey: I didn't just lose a patient today, I lost a friend. 
Ben: I'm sorry.
Bailey: I wouldn't mind if you didn't give me quite so much space.

Meredith: You can't prepare for a sudden impact. You can't brace yourself. It just hits you out of nowhere and suddenly the life you knew before is over forever. 

Derek: Meredith? 
Meredith: Derek...isn't that our baby? 
Derek: Yes. Yes it is. 
Janet: She's yours!

Jessica Matasci
Fan Columnist

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