'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Have You Seen Me Lately?'
'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Have You Seen Me Lately?'
This week Grey's Anatomy starts off the big Grey's/Private Practice crossover event. Dr. Amelia Shepherd comes to Seattle Grace Mercy West to convince her big brother to help her operate on her coworker's baby mama's giant brain tumor--one of Derek's lost causes. It's a struggle for her to get him on her side, and most of the doctors elsewhere in the hospital are struggling too. Cristina and Owen continue to fight for their marriage, as they battle against the other. The other residents try to find a way to study for their boards. While some pair up with study buddies, Alex uses his interns and Meredith attempts to persuade Callie that she's worthy of a major boards-studying boon. Check out the top quotes from "Have You Seen Me Lately?"

Bailey: Are you telling me I'm not young anymore? 
Sloane: I'm trying to tell you you've arrived. 

Alex: It doesn't matter if I pass those boards or not. I don't deserve that fellowship. 
Arizona: You know why I like you so much? You remind me of me. Peds surgeons...we're vicious. When I was a resident I was a horror show. But that's what it takes to save a tiny person like this. 

Chief Webber: Meredith Grey. 
Callie: No, not Grey. Yang maybe. 
Chief Webber: Yang's a cowboy.  

Amelia: I am standing in a building full of pills right now, a fact that I am painfully aware of. But I am doing this. That is not fragile. 

Cristina: There's no deeper reason. I wasn't abused; I wasn't mugged by a baby. I just don't want kids.
Hunt: Nobody doesn't want kids. That's not a thing. 
Cristina: That's my thing!

Meredith: Do I think it's ok to let a couple of civilians take apart the grinder that's crushing their brother's hand? 
Callie: Yeah. 
Meredith: ...Let's do it. 

Cristina: We're fine. 
Hunt: Except for the part where you killed the child I wanted. 
Cristina: Except for the part where you held my hand while I exercised my right to choose and then four months later yelled 'you killed my baby' in front of all our friends. 

Amelia: I want something. It's not food.
Lexie: There is a guy who got his hand stuck in a meat grinder.
Amelia: I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Cristina: Meredith and I do not do everything together. 
Hunt: Twisted sisters... 
Cristina: What do you expect, we're best friends! 
Hunt: She has a baby! 
Cristina: That doesn't mean I have to have one!
Hunt: Why not, you do everything else together? 

Meat Grinder Guy: Well what are you lookin' at me for? Take my toe already. Take my left nut if it'll help. 
Meredith: I think just the toe will be fine. 

Jessica Matasci
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