'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Dark Was the Night'
'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Dark Was the Night'
Between the devastating patient outcomes and the major life changes for some of the doctors on Grey's Anatomy, "Dark Was the Night" left a big impact for the rest of the season. While  some of the episode's most powerful moments were wordless, there were still several quotes worth mentioning on this week's list.

Meredith: I had a terrible day. We say it all the time. A fight with the boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible. When nothing terrible is happening.

Meredith: She said we should move on. That's what she said. Those were her exact words. She said "I think that it's time that you and Derek start moving on."

Henry: She doesn't like when I'm in the hospital. Makes you wonder why she married a guy with chronic illness. 
Hunt: Masochist.

Meredith: Zola was our baby and she's gone, and I don't want another baby. 

Teddy: I just wish I hadn't spent the day trying to kill your hopes and dreams. 
Henry: That's why I spit up blood. So I'd win.

Alex: You can't just give up on having a family this easily. Get Yang to carry a kid for you, she gets knocked up at the drop of a hat.

Derek: Meredith didn't want kids. I pushed her. She opened herself up. Now I feel like I did this to her.

Sloane: I offered to timeshare Sophia with Derek and Meredith.

Alex: Get out! There's no reason for both of us to get killed.

Hunt: If she finds out that I waited an hour she'll never forgive me. 
Chief Webber:  Her husband just died in our OR. She'll never forgive any of us.

Jessica Matasci
Fan Columnist

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