'Grey's Anatomy' Aftergasm: Stop the Emotional Manipulation, Shonda!
'Grey's Anatomy' Aftergasm: Stop the Emotional Manipulation, Shonda!
I admit that on first watching last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, “Stand By Me,” I totally got sniffly. I teared up when the Orchid Lady kissed Blowhole on the cheek and told him he was beautiful, I sniffled when Cristina (Sandra Oh) told Alex and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) about Izzie's Crazy Cancer and then held Izzie's hand after demanding her to fight for her life. I was bawling by the time the residents reunited in support of Izzie, who was finally admitted as a patient at the end of the episode. Katherine Heigl is an excellent actress when she gets material like this. She really sold how terrifying she finds the prospect of becoming a helpless patient and quite possibly dying. But top honors go to Sandra Oh, who has that remarkable ability to convey every single emotion simultaneously without even saying a word.

I was all set to admit that “Stand By Me” was a great episode, but after mulling it over all day, now I'm inclined to think it was all shameless emotional manipulation from Shonda Rhimes & Co., and I'm resentful at them for making me endure months of mediocre episodes in which absolutely NOTHING happened before getting the payoff. Compared to 12 episodes in a row of Dead!Denny!, “Stand By Me” is an excellent episode. If only we had gotten it last November.

But that's enough complaining out of me for now. I'm going to try to stop shaking my fist at Shonda in apostrophe, and start focusing on the positives.

The Positives On Which I Am Focusing

1. Talking about enemas at lunch – because poop is always funny.
2. George (T.R. Knight) running to be by his best friend's side. Go George!
3. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) striking the right balance between forgiving Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and not letting him off the hook too easily. She was all about tough love last night, both to Derek and to the annoying interns.

I hope that this episode marks a turning point in Grey's Anatomy season 5. I hope that all the episodes that follow will bring even more positives to the table.

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Best In Show

Best Quote

Izzie: What are they going to call me when I'm the patient? Swiss Cheese for Brains?
Cristina: No, that's awkward and long. Blowhole's pithy.

Best Scene

I think this one is a tie between the scene in which Cristina holding Izzie's hand and telling her to fight and the scene in which Blowhole reunites with his orchid friends. Both had me blubbering.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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